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Editorial: Students should take advantage of free campus services


With a predicted rise in tuition for next year at Grand Rapids Community College, students should be more aware of what’s available to them for free, or very low prices, on campus.

The students in GRCC’s Dental Assisting Program are learning by doing at the on-campus dental clinic, located in room 301 Cook Hall. The clinic is open to the public and offers review of medical and dental history, blood pressure screening, cleanings, preliminary dental hygiene exams, x-rays, fluoride treatments, dental health instruction, chemotherapeutic agents and sealants for children. Although the treatments are not as extensive as an insured clinic, and appointments are typically two to three hours in length, the prices range from $5-30.

Microsoft Office 365 is a program universally beneficial to all college students, and GRCC is providing this program free to its students. The $149.99 package can be accessed through the Microsoft website with a student email address.

Just using a GRCC provided RaiderCard gives students free admission to the Grand Rapids Art Museum, Grand Rapids Public Museum, Gerald R. Ford Museum, John Ball Zoo and Grand Rapids Children’s Museum. The card also provides discounted printing on campus, free check outs at the GRCC library, access to the Ford Fieldhouse and tutoring labs around campus and access to GRCC parking ramps with a flat student rate of $3.50. A full list of local discounts can be found on the Student Life website.

On the transportation side, students may travel for free from Main Campus to Devos Campus on the GRCC shuttle. Students can also purchase a parking spot at either the College Lot or the DASH Lot, each providing a set fee for parking all semester. Once parked at the lot, the shuttles run throughout the day. Although it saves half the price of parking in a GRCC ramp, it is only beneficial for students with day classes. Look to the Student Life website for more details.

Through the Student Life office, students are able to purchase discounted Rapid bus tickets, with 10-ride passes for $9 and 31-day passes for $40, according to the GRCC website.

In the Student Life office, students can also use a copy machine for 10 cents per page for black and white and 50 cents per page for color, and fax is free. Free class schedules can be printed in the office as well.

Although registration dates have passed, students can obtain a voter registration form from the Student Life office. Stamps can also be purchased for 49 cents each.

At Celebration Cinema, students can receive discounts on movie tickets, bringing the price down to $7.50 per ticket.

For those experiencing greater needs, the GRCC Food Pantry supplies students and their families with non-perishable foods and basic necessities.