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Marco Rubio makes first campaign stop in West Michigan

Nathan Taylor | The Collegiate

By Nathan Taylor – Collegiate Staff

Florida senator and presidential candidate Marco Rubio made a campaign stop in West Michigan Tuesday when he spoke to a crowd of about 1,500 supporters at Lacks Enterprises, an automobile parts factory in Kentwood.

“We have to win,” he said. “Today we are led by the most selfish leaders in both parties in the United States.”

“By leaders that don’t care that we are running up the debt. They have no plan to solve it, they don’t care, they’re selfish, all they care about is getting re-elected.”

Rubio expressed concern about how both political parties try to rip each other apart during this election year.

“But, if we stick together as one and unite together … Anger and frustration will not solve our problems by themselves,” Rubio said.

Rubio spoke about how he visited a hotel in Nevada earlier in the day, where he visited about 25 employees.

“My parents worked in a hotel in Las Vegas, my father was a bartender, my mother was a maid,” Rubio said, on growing up paycheck to paycheck.

“Big government doesn’t work.” Rubio said. “Free Enterprise and limited government was the best thing for me, best thing for them and the right way forward for America … I’m the only Republican that talks about student loans all the time, because I had a student loan. It is the students whose parents don’t make enough money, so they can’t pay for school.” Rubio also mentioned his desire to build a strong military, which resonated with Bob Little 57, of Warren, Michigan.

“The only way we’re going to remain a great country is to have a strong military,” Little said. “Marco doesn’t use terms like ‘great’ or ‘huge,’ he explains the policies.”

Charlie Kolean 21, Holland, enjoyed Rubio’s visit.

“(There was) a lot of action in the crowd and excitement, I was impressed,” Kolean said. “I’m still an undecided voter … His charisma and his policies could easily make America, as he said, ‘the new american century.’”

Julian Vandaele, 18, currently attends Grand Valley State University and has been supporting Rubio the entire campaign.

“Marco (has) an excellent take on keeping Guantanamo Bay open as long as he can,” Vandaele said.

“When the chips are down the worst, somebody rises up and takes the ball and runs with it and does the job and gets the job done,” said Gary Alcumbrack, 62, of Cannonsburg.  “I think he’s capable of doing it.”

Nathan Taylor | The Collegiate
Nathan Taylor | The Collegiate Nathan Taylor | The Collegiate


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