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Math Dept. to host seminar today, Feb. 24


By Wyatt Ridgway – Collegiate Staff

Grand Rapids Community College’s monthly math seminar presentation will be led by Brian Hadley at 3 p.m today, Feb. 24 in room 101 of Cook Academic Hall.

“Anyone can join, whether you have an interest in the math scene currently, or are looking to get into math, all are welcome,” said Mathematics Department Head John Dersch. ”Plus we serve cookies and drinks at 2:45 before the meeting.”

Dersch said the department hosts speakers who talk about a wide variety of things, not always math.

“We have a wide variety of topics being talked about,” Dersch said. “One time we talked about history, another time we talked about the idea of the infinite. That particular discussion was very informal because the theme was the line from Buzz Lightyear.”

The math department has been holding seminars for nearly 16 years, and they are still going strong.

“Students, adjuncts, and faculty alike can all participate and start discussions about things they are passionate about,” Dersch said. “Our meetings are usually very open ended and involve a lot of different topics.”

Today’s seminar will host Math Professor Brian Hadley, who will speak on The Bean Machine and Sir Francis Galton’s “Central Limit Theorem” with a real working bean machine in the room.