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Police Reports – 2/11


Damage to Property

At 6:21 a.m. Feb 9, an officer was on foot patrol of Ramp 1 on Bostwick Ave. While walking, the officer observed graffiti on levels 1 through 5 in the North courtyard stairwell. 5 tags were spray painted using light blue, white and purple paint. The tags were “BG 2+2=5” on level 1, “The Less Riches” on level 2, “The More Stitches” on level 3, “Mending Is Ending” on level 4 and “2+2=5 bro” on level 5. The officer did not find any spray paint cans. Photographs were taken of the damage. The ramp custodian was notified to paint over the graffiti. There are no suspects and no witnesses at this time.

At 11:47 a.m. Feb 4, a Grand Rapids Community College police dispatcher sent an officer to a malicious destruction of property at R2 student exit. The incident involved a vehicle who ran the gate arm. The gate arm was broken in two. At the scene, the Ellis Parking Supervisor showed the officer surveillance video of a gold Chevrolet Suburban attempting to enter the parking structure with the vehicle in front of it. The vehicle who attempted to piggyback was identified. Dispatch cross referenced the name with GRCC student records and came back with a match. The officer who was at the scene attempted to contact the individual who was matched and she said that the car belonged to her uncle. The student agreed to contact her uncle and have him contact the officer. The case will remain “open” with continued follow up pending.


At 2:45 p.m. Feb. 4, two GRCC police officers responded to a report of a possible homeless woman located in the catwalk between the Lyon St. ramp and the second floor of the Cook academic hall. Officers did not find the suspect there, but were informed that the suspect moved to somewhere by the walkway from Cook over to College Park Plaza. As the officers were walking towards the location of the suspect, they encountered a very strong and offensive odor in the walkway. At that time, the two officers decided to split up and one went up a floor and the other went down a floor to look for the suspect. The officer found the individual sitting on a bench by the elevators. The suspect was found on the mezzanine level and has had previous contact with the officer who found her. When the officer made contact, the suspect immediately became defensive and was saying, “It’s not my fault,” and “You need to call Don.” The officer informed her she made the choice to come into the building and he was not going to call anyone for her. The suspect then began to raise her voice to the officer. Loud commands were then given by the officer for the suspect to sit back down and to calm down. She didn’t and the level of her agitation increased to the point where she informed the officer she had defacated herself. The officer proceeded to advise her that she needed to leave the building immediately. Given the suspect’s condition at that time, he decided not to arrest her, but issued her a warning. The original officer and another officer escorted the suspect off GRCC property. The suspect had no warrants for arrest. The case is closed.

Fire Alarm

At 12:20 p.m. Feb 4, a GRCC police officer was dispatched to a fire alarm located in the Applied Technology Center building. The report from the individual who called in the alarm stated that it was a false alarm. He explained to the officer that they were cleaning the grill in the Art & Bev’s student restaurant and the water on the hot grill caused steam to evaporate and activate the alarm. The Grand Rapids Fire Department arrived on scene to investigate both the main panel and the Art & Bev’s detector. The alarm was silenced and alert cleared. Students were then escorted back into the building. The case is closed.