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Police Reports 2/18



At 8:59 p.m. on Feb. 11, a Grand Rapids Community College student came to the police department to report a theft in her car. GRCCPD dispatched an officer to accompany the student to her car in Ramp 1 of the Bostwick Ramp. The student said she parked her vehicle at 12 p.m. and left her car unlocked. She said the locks on her car don’t work, so she left the car unlocked with the keys in the glove compartment. When the student returned to her car, the middle console and glove compartment were open. All of the papers that the student had in her glove compartment were on the passenger seat and the keys to her car, to her apartment and to her mailbox were all missing. $3 in quarters were missing as well. The officer at the scene checked for any obvious fingerprints on the doors, but did not find any. The officer advised her to check online to see if she could find an after hours number she could call to get into her apartment. The officer also advised her to get her vehicle removed from the parking ramp as soon as possible in case the suspect came back. The student was asked if she could have someone come and pick her up. She said that someone could pick her up and get home to her apartment to see if anyone had been there already. The case is closed with no further action.


At 3:13 p.m. on Feb. 15, a current GRCC student came to the GRCCPD to request emergency medical care and transport. The student explained he had been exposed to shellfish and was experiencing an allergic reaction. He stated he was having difficulty breathing, dizziness and swelling of his face. Dispatch contacted 911 Emergency Response. The 911 Dispatcher asked the police department if the student had an EpiPen on him. The student did have a personal EpiPen and he was directed to use it. The student injected the EpiPen into his left thigh. At approximately 3:20 p.m., both Grand Rapids Fire Department and AMR responded to the scene. At the student’s request, he was transported to Spectrum Butterworth hospital. The case is cleared with no further action.


At 1:38 p.m. on Feb 16, a GRCC police officer was dispatched to the Ford Fieldhouse on a report of a subject entering the men’s locker room when he was not supposed to be in. Dispatch advised the officer that a GRCC employee called and described the subject as a white male wearing a green jacket and black pants. The employee advised the subject was able to get into the building with a RaiderCard, but could not get into the men’s locker room. The subject ended up following someone into the locker room. The officer was advised the subject was going through several lockers in the locker room. The officer met up with another GRCC police officer and they both proceeded to make contact with the individual. They asked the subject what he was doing in the building and he told the officers that he just wanted to take a shower. The officers noticed that the subject was intoxicated because of the smell of alcohol and his slurred speech. They asked him if he was going through lockers and he said no. The officers checked the student’s RaiderCard and asked dispatch to check his status as a student. Dispatch advised he was not a student and was last a student in the Spring of 2015. Three previous incidents have been reported on this subject. The officers gave the student a verbal warning for trespassing and told him that if he came back to campus and was not a student, he would be arrested for trespassing. The officers then handcuffed the subject and escorted him to their cruiser so they could issue him a citation. The officers then unhandcuffed the individual and he left heading west on Lyon St. The officers then met with the GRCC employee who filed the report to see if anything was missing from the locker rooms. Nothing was missing from the scene. The report is closed with no further action.

Damage to Property

At 1:09 p.m. on Feb 11, an officer was dispatched to Sneden Hall on a report that the women’s restroom vending machine had been damaged. The officer met with the custodian who initiated the report and he stated that the damage occurred some time between 10 a.m. on Feb. 10 and 11 a.m. on Feb. 11. The officer proceeded to go to the restroom. The officer looked at the vending machine and it had appeared that someone pulled open the door to the vending machine. In the process, they broke the two small locks that held the door on. It is unknown if there was any products removed from the machine. There is no suspect information at this time. The custodian will have the locks replaced. The case is closed with no further action.


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