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GRCC police notify students about “education tax” scam


The Grand Rapids Community College Campus Police were notified March 28 by the Grand Rapids Federal Bureau of Investigation office about a new email scam targeting college students. Students are being contacted and told they owe an “education tax.”

The scam was discovered because the callback number for more information in the email was to the Grand Rapids FBI office.

GRCC police want to remind students that any and all information about tuition and fees from GRCC, or any federal loan servicing programs, will come through their GRCC email address or the U.S. Postal Service. GRCC police are urging students to never provide personal information over the phone.

The GRCC police are advising students to contact the GRCC Financial Aid Office or the Cashier’s Office if they have questions about their account. The information for the phone numbers and email can be found at grcc.edu/cashier

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