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19-year-old arraigned on open murder charge days after a woman was found dead on the GRCC campus

The Student Plaza between the Main Building and the Bostwick Parking Ramp.

A Grand Rapids man was arraigned today on an open murder charge in connection with the weekend murder of Jeanne Lyn Huntoon, 34, at Grand Rapids Community College.

Marcus Lamar Bivins, 19, was denied bond, but he requested a preliminary exam, which will be followed by a probable cause conference on May 17 in the 61st District Court.

Police found Huntoon’s body close to the bottom floor of the Bostwick parking ramp early Saturday morning after a witness reported seeing a man dragging a person between the Bostwick Parking Ramp and the Main Building.

“He provided statements that only the suspect in that homicide would know,” said Grand Rapids Police Sgt. Terry Dixon. “We do believe that he did place himself at that murder scene and we have since charged him with open murder.”

Srgt. Dixon speaks to reporters about details of the homicide during a press conference at the GRPD station. Avery Jennings

Neither Bivins nor Huntoon are currently enrolled at GRCC, or have any connection to GRCC other than Huntoon was enrolled as a student in 2004. She did not end up attending classes.

Dixon said police believe this violent attack was random.

“We believe that there was no planned meeting,” Dixon said. “He encountered the victim, talked to her for a few minutes and then stabbed her, assaulted her and killed her.”

GRCC had video surveillance in the area where the homicide took place.

“Grand Rapids police contacted me and asked if we (GRCCPD) had any video surveillance equipment in the area,” GRCC Police Chief Rebecca Whitman said. “Myself and a couple others responded to assist them with their investigation.”

Dixon said the surveillance footage helped. “(It was) not the entire incident, but there was some video surveillance that was used in the investigatory process,” Dixon said. “… The cameras in the area were of great help in determining some of the movement that took place.”

Police said Bivins has a history of prior convictions including assaults, stealing a vehicle and over 20 reports that he was a juvenile runaway.

The campus was closed and GRCC police were not on patrol at the time of the murder.

Bivins was taken to the Kent County Correctional Facility following his arrest.

GRCC police want to stress that there is no reason for students or employees to be concerned for their safety while on campus.

“Obviously when you’re out and about at night, try and travel in groups of two or more,” Whitman said. “Be aware of your surroundings and try and stay in well lit areas, all of those types of things.”

If you are nervous about walking alone on campus, the GRCC police department offers an escort service. Students and faculty can call 234-4010 to request an escort.

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  1. she likely had advance notice that things were not going to go well when she had her initial interaction with him. If she had been carrying a concealed firearm, Bivins would be the one who was dead. This type of situation is what concealed carry is all about.


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