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Police Reports 7-27

Grand Rapids Community College Police Department Campus Police building located at Grand Rapids Community College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. (Jacquelyn Zeman/The Collegiate)

Health and Safety

At 12:42  p.m. July 13, two Grand Rapids Community College police officers were dispatched to a report of dumpster diving on the south end of Winchester Place. Two males were loading an old metal filing cabinet out of the dumpster and into their car, and one told police that he was going to recycle it so he could pay for gas money. The officer told him that because the dumpster is paid for by GRCC, items are not allowed to be removed. The two understood.

One of the men was wearing sandals, and his left foot was bloodied as well as his left palm, which he had wrapped in a rag. About a pint of blood was on the ground around the dumpster. The man said he cut himself on a piece of glass, and refused first aid treatment from the officers.

GRCCPD requested maintenance to clean the blood from the area following blood borne pathogens protocol, as well as provide a lock for the dumpster moving forward.


At 7:03 a.m. July 19 two officers were dispatched to the upper level parking area of the College Park Plaza Building. Two individuals, a male and female, were laying on the ground under a sleeping bag. After making contact with the officers, the two identified themselves. The male did not have a photo ID, and told officers that he was here illegally from Honduras but was working to obtain his papers. He also said he used to live with a foster family in Zeeland, and gave officers their contact information.

The individuals were explained the boundaries of the college and told that they were trespassing. They left the area walking south on Division Avenue.

The officer made contact with the foster parent, who said the man did live with them until a year ago. He was not living by their rules so they parted ways with him. The officer also contacted the Grand Rapids Office of Immigration, Customs and Enforcement.


At 10:11 p.m. July 19, two officers were called to the north east stairwell of the Applied Technology Center, where an individual was sleeping. He was not a student and did not have ID, but told his name to officers and said he had recently been given a verbal warning for trespassing.

Dispatch advised that he has been cited for trespassing twice in June. The second officer noticed a can of Four Loko next to the man. The officer dumped it out on the grass and told the man it is against campus policy to have open alcohol on campus. The officers gave the man a verbal warning and told him next time he was trespassing, he would be arrested.