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Bernie Sanders supports Clinton at Grand Rapids rally


By Rachael Yadlowsky – Collegiate Staff

U.S. senator Bernie Sanders spoke to a crowd of Grand Rapids citizens at Innovation Central High School last night. At the rally, Sanders spoke about what programs and contracts he and Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton have discussed and what they will do for the nation, along with some clever jabs at Trump.

One of the first subjects Sanders touched on was taxation and the nation’s corrupt tax system. Sanders spoke briefly about how millionaires, such as Trump, feel like they don’t have to pay federal taxes. This means that the working class people of the nation pay more taxes. He branched off of that subject and spoke about how our nation can improve our standard of living. To improve, Bernie said the nation needs to have the best educated workforce.

“We have many bright, qualified, young people, who want to get a higher education, but can’t because they can’t afford it,” Sanders said.

He introduced the proposal that he and Hillary came up with that public college will be free for any family earning $125,000 or less, later adding that “Donald Trump and millionaire friends will be paying for it.”

“I see our nation moving towards an oligopoly,” Sanders said, “I see a small group of millionaires controlling our economic system and our political system.”

Sanders said that if Clinton is elected, she will bring forth a constitutional amendment to overturn citizens. He spoke about how millionaires are buying political races and that is how they win.

“That is not democracy,” Sanders said. “That is an oligopoly.”

Sanders also spoke about wages in America, touching on the 79 cent difference between women and men.

“While Trump is busy insulting women, Secretary Clinton believes that we should have paid equity for working women,” Sanders said.

Sanders said that Clinton is aware of the crumbling infrastructure of the nation and understand that millions of well paid jobs can be given to have those infrastructures rebuilt.

The criminal justice system was another hot topic at the rally.

“We have more people in jail that anywhere else in the world, 2.2 million, and are spending $80 billion year to run the jails,” Sanders said.

Sanders said he and Clinton are trying to educate children on what the possibilities are if they stay in school and get a job rather than jail. Sanders also touched on the problem of unnecessary police brutality.

Sanders went on to discuss immigration laws and many other topics that weigh heavy on Americans.



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