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Police Reports 10/13


Man found sleeping in Bostwick parking ramp, asked to leave

At 3:23 p.m. Oct. 6, two Grand Rapids Community College police officers were asked to go and see about a man sleeping in a parking space.

When the officers arrived to the parking space, they awoke the man sleeping and asked him if he had any identification on him.

The man was noticeably intoxicated and had trouble standing up in order to talk with the officers.

The man explained he was on his way to his father’s house on Division Street. While talking to the officers, the man became very upset and asked to have his identification back. He also said that he suffers from PTSD and wanted the officers to stand in front of him.

A warning of trespassing was given to the man by the officers and he was asked to leave the campus. The man was then escorted off campus with no issues.


Student falls while cleaning dishes in The Heritage kitchen

At 1:36 p.m. Oct. 7, a student slipped on a wet floor at The Heritage restaurant kitchen inside the Applied Technology Center.

The student had taken a step off of the safety mat and lost his footing while on tile and slipped on the water from washing dishes. The student fell forward and hit his head, along with his knees and scraped his left forearm.

When the GRCC police officer arrived to see what happened, the student was fully conscious and alert. He said to the officer that there was some pain in his knees and forearm, but not his head.

The officer asked the student if he needed an ambulance, or any other help, and the student said he would be fine and would not need to go see a doctor.

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