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Podcast 10: Trump stops in Grand Rapids, GRCC mourns loss of Molly Maczka


Hello, and welcome to the 10th Collegiate News Podcast. Here’s what’s in the news this week.

A week before election day, Presidential Candidate Donald Trump held a rally in Grand Rapids Monday. Around 6,000 people gathered at the Deltaplex Arena to hear the politician speak about his goals if he were to become president. Michigan’s economy and jobs, a wall on the Mexican border, and Hillary Clinton were among the topics discussed by the candidate. Read full coverage at thecollegiatelive.com.

On the topic of elections, check out The Collegiate’s voter guide. Staffer Matt Rios gives readers direction on how to research local candidates, where to vote and why voting is important.

Last week Grand Rapids Community College students, faculty and staff gathered in the Student Life office to mourn the loss of the office’s manager. The college announced Thursday the death of Molly Maczka, who had a heart attack while on vacation. Maczka worked at GRCC since 1991, and during that time affected hundreds of people across campus. Stay tuned on our website for a full obituary.

Actors’ Theatre is showing Green Day’s “American Idiot” musical at Spectrum Theater this week. The show focuses on three teenage boys after the initial investigation of Afghanistan in 2003. They are trying to find a purpose in life, amongst uneasy thoughts toward the establishment. Collegiate staffer Jesse Shira reviewed the show, and said it was a great performance meant for a mature audience.

GRCC recently released retention data from 2015. The data proves that retention rates, as well as the graduation yield, have increased in recent years. The data shows retention rates based on race and gender. See the full story online.

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For The Collegiate at GRCC, I’m Kayla Tucker. Have a good week.

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