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Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 2 Recap (Spoilers)

Episode two left one fan feeling disappointed.

By Kosha Oswald

Sunday night’s episode of “The Walking Dead” was rather boring. There was no mention of the group that encountered Negan in the season premiere. This episode focused on Morgan and Carol. Carol left the group at the end of season six to go on her own because she couldn’t handle the killing anymore. Rick wasn’t pleased with this as Carol is part of the group and, in turn, part of their family. Morgan went after her at the end of the last season, while Rick and most of the group attempted to get Maggie help. Those that didn’t encounter Negan we can assume are still in Alexandria, awaiting the group’s return.

There was no mention of Rick or the others in this episode. The most we learned in this episode was that Carol and Morgan were helped by people on horses, after encountering trouble and Carol getting injured. The group took them back to their “kingdom” to get them help.

We learned in this episode that the kingdom is run by a man called King Ezekiel and his pet tiger, Shiva. Definitely odd that there is a man who calls himself a king, but even more odd that he has his very own tiger. His kingdom seems to be doing well though. They grow their own food, raise their own pigs, and even have horses. They give help to people and allow people to stay in their group as long as they pull their own weight.

Carol is injured and while she is recovering, Morgan is carrying the weight for both of them. She is contributing in many ways, including teaching a boy to fight with a stick. Morgan was seen doing this by the King Ezekiel and he asked Morgan to teach others. Morgan also knows more than most people in the kingdom at this point. We also learned that King Ezekiel keeps secrets from his kingdom. Only a select few know that he makes food contributions every week to Negan’s group as well. He does this to keep the people in the kingdom safe and to not stir up trouble.

Morgan seems to be going along with everything well and not questioning things too much. Carol, on the other hand, is not. When she starts to feel better and meets King Ezekiel, she does her best to act normal and sweet. Once her and Morgan are alone, her true feelings come out. She is confused and shocked by what is going on and doesn’t want any part of it. She immediately expresses her concern and dislike for this place to Morgan.

She decides she will leave and sneaks a knife and clothes when no one is looking. She also attempts to sneak out at night but gets caught in the garden by King Ezekiel. He doesn’t mind her leaving as he says that people are welcome to go at their own will. He does confront her about her fake act, admitting that he saw through it and knows the person she truly is. He tells her he just wants people to live and be safe and apologizes for everything she must have been through and she walks off. She decided after their talk to wait and leave in the morning.

Morgan takes her by horse in the morning to the house that they were originally found at. She walks towards the house and Morgan leaves, deciding to stay at the kingdom for now. Carol walks to the house and starts to straighten things up as there is a knock at the door. Upon opening the door she hears the roar of the tiger and standing there is Ezekiel and Shiva. That is the end of the episode.

I feel like it was a disappointing episode after last week’s thriller. I was expecting to learn more about what happened with Maggie and the group and how they are doing after the losses of Glenn and Abraham. It was good to get to catch up with other characters, though. It was nice to know that Carol and Morgan were okay. It’s also interesting and refreshing to meet some more people, as odd as that group may be. I am interested in learning more about that group and what happens with them, but my ultimate hope in the next episode picks up with the story of what is going on with Rick’s group..