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GRCC community vents about Election 2016


By Rachael Yadlowsky – Collegiate Staff

With the presidential race coming down to the wire, the nation is divided as election results are being tallied.  

The Collegiate staff asked members of the Grand Rapids Community College community to share their thoughts while the polls were still open. Students and staff members were invited to write their thoughts about the election and how they felt at that time.

Though some students walked past and didn’t want to share their thoughts, many loved reading posts from previous students and added their own to the board.

Some were hopeful, angry and others were very raw. Many posts said to “pray” and “God help us.” Others  wrote that they were “afraid,” and “worried” for the future. Others used colorful language to show their discontent.

There are results still coming in. Check out the Collegiate Live for more information.


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