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Election 2016: First-time-voter ashamed of America


This year’s election has inspired many people to be more politically involved, and to go out and vote. For Joanna Barcelo, a first time voter, it felt like a huge responsibility.

That was before she knew how tight the race for the presidency would become.

Before walking into the polling station Tuesday afternoon, the 19-year-old social work major from Grand Rapids Community College said she was feeling anxious.

“I feel a personal responsibility right now,” Barcelo said. “But at the same time, it’s a conflicting feeling because I don’t agree 100 percent with either candidate.”

“I do know who I’m voting for, mostly out of the well being of America, not because I agree with all of their values.”

Barcelo said this election is more important than any she’s lived through so far.

“We’re dealing with two very different candidates,” Barcelo said. “I feel that one is more extreme than the other, and just the possibility of one winning over the other is a scary reality. The values that they hold could really influence the next four years.”

As the results are coming in and numbers are close, Barcelo still feels disappointment in the United States.

“I’m losing faith in the American (people),” she said tonight. “I’m terrified that there is a high chance Trump will be president.”


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