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Police Reports 12/1

Campus police headquarters, located at 25 Lyon St. Grand Rapids, Michigan. (The Collegiate)

Man trespasses on GRCC property, discovered to have warrants for arrest and taken to jail

At 11:41 a.m. on Nov. 29, a Grand Rapids Community College police officer was sent to the south end of Bostwick Commons because a man in a wheelchair was panhandling.

GRCC police has talked with this guy seven times before, the most recent happening on Nov. 16 with the man receiving a verbal warning for trespassing.

The officer started a conversation with the man by telling him he was on GRCC property. The officer said GRCC had purchased the area known as Bostwick Commons from the city of Grand Rapids, and now individuals could be charged with trespassing.

The man said he didn’t know the college owned the property and was unaware of that information.

If this incident happened again, the officer said he would have to arrest the man for charges of trespassing.

While the GRCC police officer was talking to the man, he was told the man had two warrants for his arrest from the Grand Rapids Police Department. GRCCPD confirmed the two warrants and the man was arrested by the officer and brought to Kent County Correctional Facility.

Potential threat from student towards math professor, denies ever having done it.

At approximately 11:22 a.m. Nov. 17, a student came into the GRCCPD to make a threat/trouble with person complaint. The student said that during his English Composition class he overheard another student make a threat against his math instructor. The student at GRCCPD said while their English professor had stepped out of the classroom briefly, the student said “I’d like to kill my math professor … I don’t want to take my math test.”

The student said he heard this complaint from about 10 feet away and is positive others in the class heard it as well. He said the student never said how he would do it.

The student at GRCCPD said that the other student has made comments like this all semester and class has increasingly become unbearable. He said the student has been saying negative things towards others and he’s tired of it.

The officer, following the discussion with the student, got in contact with the student who allegedly made the threats. The student said he did make the comment about not wanting to take the test, but said he likes his math professor and the class. He said he didn’t threaten anyone and isn’t sure why someone would say he did.

The officer thanked the student for his time and informed the chief of police on the incident.

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