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Student Alliance approves three club budget requests

Student Alliance President Jose Garcia led the discussion of the three budget requests, which eventually got approved.

Student leaders approved three extra allocation requests, and a name change to the Club Hub, at Thursday’s Student Alliance meeting.

Before looking at budget requests, students voted to change the name of the Club Hub to the “Molly Maczka Leadership Hub,” named after the former Student Life Office Manager Molly Maczka, who died Oct. 26. The Club Hub was opened this semester in the Student Life office as a place for student leaders and club members to network and collaborate.

Further into the meeting, three student clubs presented extra allocation requests, and all three were approved. Before all requests were approved, the extra allocation budget had about $17,000 in for the rest of the fall semester. There is $23,000 set aside for the winter semester, not including any carry over from this semester.

The Anime Club’s request for $3,685.63 to attend Anime Central in March was approved. The 25 students will drive to Rosemont, Illinois for the convention and will stay in a hotel. The approved monies will cover hotel costs and admission to the convention. All students going on the trip will pay for their own food, gas, tolls, parking and a $10 fee to help reduce total costs of the entire trip.

Anime Club President Raul Gonzalez, 23, said he’s excited for the freshman going on the trip to experience the convention.

“There are plenty of small conventions around here, but to go to something that large (is costly),” Gonzalez said.

While the other clubs requested money for leadership conferences, the Anime Club is attending a convention primarily for interest and entertainment. Gonzalez, who is studying medicine and biochemistry, said having an outlet that is not school related is important for students.

“You need to have a balance of something to enjoy your life with, and then also getting back to your work,” Gonzalez said. “A social club like ours, we don’t do anything that’s really school-related, we just go so you have a place to calm down, have friends and meet a community of people who have the same mindset and hobbies.”

The Hispanic Student Organization’s request for $5,395.00 to attend The United States Hispanic Leadership Institute (USHLI) was approved. The 16 students will take an Amtrack to Chicago in February. Each student has contributed $150.00 as a deposit to help with trip costs and, with the approval of the request, that money will be given back to the students for “academic purposes, such as buying books, applying for tuition,” said HSO President Hector Marin, 21.

The rest of the monies will cover conference registration, hotel and transportation costs. The club has also fundraised $1,500 for the trip.

“For the members, this means being able to have a little experience in the real world,” Marin said. “Most of these students don’t know about business cards, how to present in the professional world, and this will help them.”

The Asian Student Union’s request for $3,759.38 to attend the annual East Coast Asian American Student Union leadership conference was approved. Seven of the most active members will attend the conference. The request will cover the traveling expenses, which includes a $500 flexibility cushion, and the hotel expenses, which also includes a $200 cushion. The members will pay to drive themselves to the airport in Chicago and pay to park their cars there. They will also pay out of pocket for the registration to the conference, and all food expenses for the three-day trip.

“It’s a really good opportunity, because you don’t only learn about how to be a student leader but you also learn how to further your career and how to be comfortable as an Asian American,” said ASU member Theresa Tran, 27.

Tran said a lot of freshman will be attending the conference so she’s excited they will have this opportunity.

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