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Police Report 1/26

Photo by Lauren Winther

Student steals speaker from GRCC Bookstore

At 2:41 p.m. Jan. 19, an employee of the Grand Rapids Community College Bookstore called the GRCC Police Department to report a woman, who they believed had stolen a speaker from the bookstore earlier, who was back at the bookstore and they were watching her.

A GRCC police officer went to the bookstore to help with the situation. When the officer arrived, the woman was heading out of the store, but he stopped her and asked her to go with him to the bookstore’s office to answer some questions.

The officer identified the woman as a student at GRCC and told her that employees of the bookstore believed she had stolen a speaker. The student said she was by the speakers in the bookstore, but she never stole anything.

Another officer arrived to assist the first officer as he went to view surveillance video of the area. The officer viewed the student opening a speaker box towards the back of the bookstore and placing the items, a speaker and power cord, into her backpack.

The two officers started searching the student and her backpack and found the speaker and power cord inside her backpack wrapped up in a plastic bag. The student then admitted that she had stolen the items from the bookstore.

One of the officers handcuffed the student and they brought her to the GRCC police department. When they arrived, the student explained that she has a problem with stealing and that she had stolen candy from a store.

The officers checked her criminal history and found no previous arrests or convictions. The student was then given a citation for retail fraud and was free to leave.


Man asks students for money on campus, is asked to leave campus

At 10:34 a.m. Jan. 19 a man in a wheelchair was asking students by the Bostwick Commons for money, or any assistance they could give him.

An officer went to where the man was and found him mid-conversation with a female student asking for money. The officer recognized the man who he’d issued a trespassing warning to on Nov. 16 of last year. There have been 11 contacts with the man since 2001 for trespassing, panhandling and warrant arrests.

The officer approached the man and told him that he needed to stop asking people for money, especially students as there is a local city ordinance that prohibits people from doing so.

The man was asked if he remembered being warned for trespassing before and he said he forgot he couldn’t be in the area.

The officer was notified there was an officer safety caution warning for the man, but no warrants. He then issued a warning for trespassing to the man and escorted him off campus.