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Police Reports 2/23


Suspicious man walks through parking ramp, asked to leave campus

At 12:45 p.m. Feb. 16, a Grand Rapids Community College police officer was on foot patrol on the third floor of the Bostwick Parking Ramp when he noticed a man walking through the ramp with no indications he was a student.

The officer watched the man walk around the floor of the parking ramp before they approached the man and asked him if he was a GRCC student. The man produced an Ethiopian passport and said he was in the United States to study.

The man said he was a student at Wellspring Prepatory Academy and that was why he wasn’t a student at GRCC. He explained he was in the parking ramp because he was waiting for friends of his to pick him up. The officer had the names given by the man checked in GRCC’s database and no students came back with the names the man gave.

The officer told the man about how several vehicles have been broken into in the parking ramp he was in and he was concerned that he was “just hanging out” in the ramp.

The man unzipped his jacket at the request of the officer to show he had no instruments to break into vehicles.

The officer then told him that since he wasn’t a GRCC student, he was trespassing on campus and he had to leave.

Other GRCCPD officers have found the man sleeping in stairwells in the Main Building.

Anonymous witness reports couple “screaming” at each other in car, potential altercation

At 9:04 a.m. Feb. 21, a GRCCPD officer went to level 5 of the Bostwick Parking Ramp about a fight between a male and female.

An anonymous witness reported to the GRCCPD that they witnessed a couple screaming at each other in a blue two-door vehicle and the male was trying to keep the female from leaving the vehicle.

When the officer arrived to the scene, she found the car the witness had described, but no one inside. There were no signs of an altercation or disturbance that happened in the vehicle.

The license plate number of the car showed the owner to be a GRCC student who had class scheduled that day. The officer, with help from another GRCCPD officer, made contact with the man during his class and asked him about what happened earlier that day.

No nervousness or anxiousness was expressed by the student as he explained he was in the vehicle with a female classmate since about 7 a.m. that morning and denied any physical altercation with her.

He explained to the officer that he’s known the female classmate since the beginning of the Winter 2017 semester. He said they watched Netflix for 20 minutes and he gave her flowers that morning because her boyfriend didn’t get her anything for Valentine’s Day. He said she was in the same class as he was and they could talk to her about it too.

The officers spoke with the female student about that morning. She said she was in the car with the male student and they had watched a comedy show.

The female student denied any romantic inclinations for the male student as he is married and said no signs of affection were expressed in the car.

Both students said they were being loud while they were talking and laughing, but no fight had occurred. The students were both sent back to class when they finished talking with GRCC police.