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Chef Rick Bayless visits GRCC

Chef Bayless speaks to students (Photo: Harrison DiCocco)

Rick Bayless an award winning chef and author known for his Mexican cuisine restaurants on the Chicago food scene visited Grand Rapids Community College today to speak to culinary students and present at a VIP dinner and private talk about building community through food.

Before the ticketed event in the evening, Bayless participated a panel discussion in the auditorium at the Applied Technology Center about his experience and gave advice on how to rise to success.

The story of Bayless’ journey was “circuitous” as his family ran a barbecue in Oklahoma City, as well as a line of grocery stores.

“I incorporated both a home restaurant and buying local goods,” Bayless said.

Bayless touched on several areas and drove home the fact that the restaurant business is a “Commitment to dailyness, if you cannot commit to that, you should find another profession,” Bayless said.

Mainly, Bayless wanted to push across his mission for his work; “building community”.

Bayless looks to build community first, among customers at the table, then in the kitchen and front of the house.

“It should be a family and a team,” Bayless said.

The students at the Secchia Institute of Culinary Education asked Bayless a series of questions then led him on a tour of their kitchens and classrooms. Later in the evening, Bayless was scheduled to appear at a private reception and VIP dinner at The Heritage restaurant in the GRCC Wisner-Bottrall Applied Technology Center. Tickets to the evening event held in collaboration with Beacon Hill at Eastgate were $250, and the dinner was to feature cuisine by several Grand Rapids-area chefs.



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