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Reginald Throckmortons Midnight Ride for Love

By Karlie Hershberger

Joe and Jennifer Rutherford’s “Reginald Throckmortons Midnight Ride for Love” is a not-so-evil three-dimensional 9 ft tall dragon made of steel with fused glass. He is on a journey to find his mistress in the foggy weather of Scotland.

This is the couple’s third entry in Artprize located downtown Grand Rapids, and they are no strangers in the art world.

“We are both commercial artists,” Jennifer Rutherford said. “We have been doing art like this for about 14 years now.”  

The Rutherfords are very familiar with the Grand Rapids area. Both are originated from LeRoy, Michigan. They moved to Plymouth to settle for a couple years where they began working on their current ArtPrize entry.

“This piece was actually started about 5 years ago,” Jennifer Rutherford said. “We lived in Plymouth and our studio was 10 x 10.”  They faced complications when they had to relocate in the middle of making this piece because of the limited space they had to work with.

“We had to do them in pieces so we could fit the things in because as you can see it’s very tall, In the middle of that we had to move and open up a new studio” Jennifer Rutherford said. “The challenges were really more that then making the art piece itself”.

The couple enjoys being part of ArtPrize because of the new faces and enthusiasm the city has during this special event.

”It gives us a chance to meet new artists,” Jennifer Rutherford said.. “It also brings excitement to be apart of the whole art thing.”  

The couple has multiple ways in mind to celebrate if their piece wins. “Well, I would have a beer or two first, that would be my immediate response,” Joe Rutherford said, laughing with his wife.. “New windows in our house,” Jennifer Rutherford added. “I would probably go out and by a lot of glass without worrying about how much it cost for our next project.”

The couple also shared what motivated them to become and stay artists.  “Well, I don’t know how to do anything else,” Jennifer Rutherford says in a humorous tone. “We are otherwise unskilled,” her husband added.

The couple said they believe their imagination drives them to be the skilled artists they are.. “We have to be creative,” Jennifer Rutherford said. “Even when I’m laying in bed at night I am always thinking about the next thing”.

Artprize ends Oct. 8 The voting polls are open until Oct 5.  To read more about the “Reginald Throckmortons Midnight Ride for Love” entry click here.

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