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Students Opinions of 2017 ArtPrize

Masses of people are drawn in by the expansive creativity in ArtPrize 9 - Karl Blessing

Yesterday, ArtPrize Jurors revealed their shortlists for the top entries in each category including the top five outstanding venues. Meanwhile many Grand Rapids Community College students have yet to check out the art.

This year there are a total of 1,348 entries.  Several of these entries – including one piece that made a shortlist in the 2-D category – are located at GRCC at the Collins Art Gallery and Spectrum Theater.  Autry Welsh, a 20-year-old GRCC student, who has only seen a few entry pieces so far.

“From what I’ve seen there’s some pretty good stuff this year,” Welsh said. “I really enjoyed the river. Where it’s like an oil spill (oil+water), so far that was the one I liked the best”.

This piece is located in  the Grand River near the Pearl Street Bridge.. The entry is a photograph taken by Ryan Spencer Reed of the Dakota Access Pipeline protest in North Dakota.

Some college students find it hard to take the  time to check out some of the art displayed around town but still appreciate ArtPrize and what it brings to Grand Rapids. Ryan Langhlin, a 21-year- old from Wyoming,  said he thinks it is a good way to make some extra money.

“It makes a lot of money for the city. I play guitar and I made $4,000 one day while street performing,” Laughlin said.

Individuals who have more of an interest in the conversational pieces there are numerous ones  located all around Grand Rapids.  

Kiara Evans, a 19 year-old from Saginaw, said that, “There’s political pieces. My favorite is the one where two black men have dog chains around their neck.”

This piece is located at the DeVos Place Convention Center on the second floor. The piece is called “A Fearless Brother Project Presents: A Walk in the park in America – A Graphic Series: By Akibang” was photographed by Monroe O’Bryant.

Contributed by: Tara Wood, Matthew Scheidel and Jessica Newhouse

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