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Police Reports 10/18

Grand Rapids Community College Campus Police.

Homeless man trespassing GRCC property

On Oct. 16, at approximately 4:40 p.m. a Grand Rapids Community College police officer was dispatched to a report about a possible homeless person in ramp 1 of Bostwick Ramp.

Two police officers responded to the area and made contact with the individual who at the time was sitting down listening to music. One of the officers asked him what he was doing in the stairwell and he replied that he was just talking a break while walking to the public library.

One of the officers asked him if he was a GRCC student , the man said that he was in the past and plans to be again soon. The man then asked the officers if he was going to be detained for something and the officer replied that he was trespassing. The officer asked the man if he had any identification on him and handed the officer his Michigan ID.

The other officer went to check his record and it was clear. While the other officer was checking his records the officer that stayed with the man checked to see if there was any prior contact with the man. There was one prior contact with the man back in February of 2016 for trespassing.

The officer with the man gave him a verbal warning for trespassing and told him he could not return to campus unless he was registered for classes, otherwise he would be arrested for trespassing. The man told the officer that he was going to move to Florida then exited the stairwell heading South on the Bostwick Commons and crossed Fountain Street continuing South.

Damage to car at Bostwick Ramp

On Oct. 10, at approximately 4 p.m., a Grand Rapids Community College police officer was dispatched to a private property hit and run on the sixth floor of the Bostwick Ramp.

The victim advised that she saw her vehicle one hour prior to her calling the GRCC Police Department. She further advised that there was no damage present at the time and she arrived immediately prior to this call to find light scratching to the passenger side of her bumper.

The officer observed the damage to the vehicle and took photos on the scene. The black paint rubbed off, leaving only a light scratch across the bumper.

There were no vehicles in the area which matched the color of the paint transfer, and there was no surveillance footage available to cover the area.

The victim was given a report number to the incident for insurance purposes.


Theft at Applied Technology Center

On Oct. 12, an GRCC police officer met with a Ferris State University instructor in room 139 of the Applied Technology Center Building.

The women said that for the last three to four years she has kept her fleece jacket on the back of her chair to use when she was cold in the classroom. She saw it there on Tuesday when she was here last and when she came back Thursday it was missing. The room, is locked at all times unless someone is in the office.

It is occupied by only Ferris instructors. She asked other instructors but no one borrowed or moved the jacket. After telling her supervisor she was instructed to call Campus Police. The officer said that they would contact the custodial crew to see if they remember seeing it.