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Beer and dragons and college students, oh my!

Picture from the GRPM Mythic Creatures exhibit. - Courtesy Art

Matt Meyle – Collegiate Staff

On Nov. 16, the Grand Rapids Community College Brewing program is partnering with New Holland Brewing at the Grand Rapids Public Museum to host “Beer and Dragons,” a beer tasting event.

The GRCC brewery students will be participating in a taste test of four of New Holland Brewing’s craft beers including Baltic Porter, Dragon’s Milk, Hoptronix and Lost Dune. The GRCC students will then discuss the taste of each beer, the ingredients used to make them and explain how the flavor of each beer was mastered.

The event starts at 6:30 p.m. on the first floor of the museum. Tickets are $10 for museum members and $20 for non-members. All participants must be 21 or older. The ticket allows admission to the first and second floors of the museum, as well as access to the “Dragons, Unicorns, and Mermaidsexhibit.

Inside the exhibit, guests will find cast fossils and replicas of preserved specimens that may have been misidentified by people of the past, resulting in the creation of myths and tall-tales about monsters and beasts of ancient history. Guests will be welcomed into the exhibit after the taste test.

The public museum holds events with different breweries on a monthly basis. GRCC sought to collaborate with New Holland Brewing (who had previously helped train students in GRCC’s brew program) to provide the brewing students with a hands-on experience outside of the classroom.

In the brewing industry, a large part is going to beer events and participating, and this is a great way to incorporate that into our program,” said GRCC Brew Professor Amanda Harper. “As well as, [helping] get them some contacts with people in the industry.”

GRCC Brew students are not allowed to take the beer off campus due to liquor license stipulations, but by partnering with New Holland Brewing, they are able to host an event at the museum for the public to enjoy. This event also acts as a way for students to test their knowledge in a public setting.

Harper said the purpose of the event is to “show what the students have learned about how to taste for different things in a beer,” in addition to achieving “the culmination of the program.”

Enchant your Thursday evening with a night of fantasy and beer tasting at the Grand Rapids Public Museum. Tickets can be purchased at the door before the event.

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