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20 Monroe is giving out Golden Tickets for winners so see any show they want

- Courtesy Art of House of Blues

By Matt Meyle – The Collegiate Staff

“Come with me, and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination.”

Tell Grandpa Joe to get out of bed. The doors to the “music factory” are opening in 2018.

20 Monroe Live is celebrating their one year anniversary on Feb. 1, through a Golden Ticket giveaway for music enthusiasts in the greater Grand Rapids area.

The contest plays off the popular children’s book “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. Which revolves around Chocolate Factory owner, Willy Wonka, creating a competition for children to find a Golden Ticket inside a candy bar wrapper. There were five winners in total, and the Golden Tickets allowed each winner, and a guest, to enter Wonka’s Chocolate Factory for a grand tour, something no one had seen in decades.

However, for the nonfictional people of the Grand Rapids area, three lucky people will be selected to win a Golden Ticket during this month.

The Golden Ticket allows each winner to attend any, and every concert during 2018 at 20 Monroe Live. Unfortunately, there will be no tour of a chocolate factory.

So, bring the metalheads to Marilyn Manson on Feb. 7, a Tinder date to Jeezy on Feb. 25, dad to go see “Weird Al” Yankovic on March 10 and your best pal to Jack White on April 21, because the Golden Ticket allows the winner, and whoever they choose, admission to every show their heart desires. Never attend a show alone during 2018, thanks to the Golden Ticket. Every show permits two tickets per Golden Ticket unless the event is already sold out or due to possible age restrictions.

There were three separate contests that fans could enter to maximize their chance of winning a ticket. One winner has already been selected. Radio sponsors WGRD, WFGR, WLHT, WNWZ, and WTRV have already ended their promotion and picked a Golden Ticket recipient. Leaving potential winners only two pathways to snatch the last two tickets.

To enter the online sweepstakes, submit your name and email address through the House of Blues’ website. One Golden Ticket winner will be selected from those who entered the drawing via social media directing the entries through House of Blues and Live Nation.

The final winner will be a participant who entered by tuning in to WLAV, WTNR or WHTS and listening for the Golden Ticket keywords everyday at 9 a.m, noon and 5 p.m. and entering the keywords into the radio stations website, or calling into the radio station when the station tells listeners they are opening phone lines for entries.

Amber Stokosa, the Marketing Manager for 20 Monroe Live, said, “Winners will be contacted Jan. 25 or Jan. 26, via email.”

Time is running out to enter. There’s no obligation to enter the competition, but music enthusiasts be warned, don’t squander the opportunity to see musical legends, local celebrities, and rising stars perform at 20 Monroe Live in 2018.

Charlie Bucket, the last Golden Ticket recipient from the children’s tale, bought one candy bar with his own money and received the experience of a lifetime.

Only one entry into this local contest could change the way you experience music in 2018.

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