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Police Reports 1/18

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Theft from Hospitality Education Students

On Nov. 29,  at 12:31 p.m., a Grand Rapids Community College Police Officer was dispatched to Spectrum Theater to speak with two Hospitality Education (HED) students who were victims of theft.

The incident occurred in room LL9 (Lower Level 9) where a sugar and cake decorating class was held. The room was left unlocked and unattended while the students were in a different classroom. They kept their property in the room on tables and the floor. The class is used Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to noon.

The officer spoke with the HED student, who stated that at 9:45 a.m. he was coming back to the lower level floor after a delivery when he saw someone in the classroom. All HED students and instructors wear the same uniform and the suspect was not dressed in a uniform. The student informed the officer that he could see the suspect from the hallway due to the classroom having windows. He entered the room and the suspect stated, “I’m here looking for my sister.” He never saw the man take anything of his but the suspect may have taken stolen from other students property prior. The student advised that the suspect looked very nervous and quickly exited the room and went up the stairs on the east side of the building. He said that he notified one of the instructors of the situation. The department never reported the incident to the GRCC Police Department.

The officer spoke with another student who stated that $35 was stolen from her wallet. The wallet was in her backpack inside the room as well.

The officer also spoke with the first student who stated that his wallet with contents was stolen from his backpack. He cancelled his five credit cards, but one was used to make a $1.50 purchase at one of the pop vending machines on the floor above the lower level. He said to the officer that he would provide him with his credit card information later.

Victim of Identity Theft

On Jan. 1 at 12:46 p.m., an individual came into the GRCC police department to file a report concerning a fraud incident.

The victim was notified by both of her current employers, GRCC and Spectrum Hospital, of a possible fraudulent unemployment claim filed with her name. The victim was contacted by a GRCC Payroll Services Specialist concerned about the situation. The original fraudulent claim was filled on Nov. 28. The victim clarified that she was still currently employed, and she had not filed an unemployment claim. She was given a contact information notice card for this incident and the officer informed her that they would follow up with GRCC payroll.

In discussions with the victim concerning the notification email from the specialist it was determined that on Nov. 20 there was a similar complaint involving another victim. It was also determined that the other victim also banks with Lake Michigan Credit Union. The first victim filed a fraud claim with the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency (MUIA) and completed an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) affidavit, Form 14039, for notification of this incident. In follow-up to this event, the officer has contacted both the MUIA and the IRS. Both agencies will be contacted and made aware of this incident.

Disturbance in the Learning Resource Center

On Jan. 8, at approximately 1:24 p.m.,  two officers responded to a report of a possible domestic disturbance on the second floor of the Learning Resource Center.

The initial report given was that a male and a female were arguing and wrestling. Additional information was given that they might have fled the building. Upon arrival, the officer first met with the witness who reported the problem. As she did that, one of the officers asked if it was just a disturbance or if it was an assault?

“A bit of both,” she answered.

The first suspect the officer spoke to was initially verbally non-compliant and eventually the officers were able to obtain his name and date of birth. The officers tried to speak to the male to ask about what happened. However, he did not want to speak with the officers. While the officers tried to speak with him, he was using his phone to call his girlfriend and the other person involved in the incident.

The girlfriend walked out from the tutoring area and the officers were able to speak to both parties involved and found out that it was not a domestic assault. The two individuals were messing around inside the library. Some orange juice was spilled, and the female stated that she was using the male’s sweatshirt sleeve to soak it up and that started the horsing around and that is why LRC staff called campus police.

The officers asked the two individuals if they could act like young adults and keep their interaction level as if they were in church. The officers stressed to them about how other students were trying to study and complete papers and prep for Exam Week and that they did not need any distractions. The two individuals agreed, and the officers advised them that if campus police had to return because of their actions, they would be asked to leave the building. They both acknowledged the warning.