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GRCC’s BASU to host Unity Casino for Black History month

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By Jack Hervela – The Collegiate Staff

Grand Rapids Community College Black Africana Student Union is hosting its’ first-ever Unity Casino on Wednesday, Feb. 7 from noon to 2 p.m.  

The event will be held in Winchester Alley on G2 of the Main Building at GRCC this event will headline BASU’s celebration of Black History Month.

Games such as Uno, Blackjack, Checkers, Spoons and one memory game featuring important figures in Black History will be played at the Casino. Students from all over campus are welcome to play. Refreshments and finger food being will be offered.

Smaller game winners will be awarded prizes based on how you finish while Blackjack and Uno will be winner-takes-all style, ending in exciting championships.

President of the Union, Elijah Lewis, is optimistic about the event. He noted the inaugural event to be, “major for the BASU as they are one of the only student organizations on campus to promote Black History Month.”

Lewis hopes to see the event “help take the group to a new level.” They are also hopeful that the message of unification in the face of diversity rings through and resonates empowerment around campus throughout February.  

If interested in the BASU, more information can be found online or at the event. Seeing as Black History month lasts all of February, so do the activities from the Union. Every Wednesday in the Raider Grille there will be a new and intriguing experience to learn more about Black History and multicultural awareness. Exact times and dates can be found on the BASU’s page.