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GRCC students are offered free Microsoft Office 365

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By Heather Tilma – The Collegiate Staff

Grand Rapids Community College offers Microsoft Office 365 free to students, faculty and staff.

GRCC IT Assistant Manager and Procurement Specialist, Jeffery Vanderveen, stated in an email, “our contract with Microsoft allows all our staff and faculty to obtain Microsoft Office 365 at absolutely no additional costs.”

If purchased online at the Microsoft website it would cost $69.99 or $99.99 per year for use, depending on which version. Or for a one-time purchase, it would be $149.99.

“The version that is available to our students retails at $9.99 a month, or $99.99 a year,” Vanderveen said.

The highest number of apps that would go along with the following plans above would only be seven. While the Microsoft Word 365 that is offered to GRCC students and staff includes 18 different apps.

According to Vanderveen, the software used on the campus computers is Office 2016 Professional Plus, But he says that “the differences between Office 365 and Office Professional are so minuscule that your average user will not notice any difference at all.”

Students are also permitted to install Office 365 on up to five computers.

According to Vanderveen, the only other school that also offers the program to students free of charge is Western Michigan University.

Get details of how to install Microsoft Office 365 below:

Installation guide:

  1. Visit office.com/education
  2. Enter your school email address. (first&lastname@email.grcc.edu)
  3. Click the Get Started button.
  4. Click the button that best describes your role at GRCC
    • Student or Teacher
  5. Complete the Create your account form.
    • Name (First & Last)
    • Create a Password
    • You will need the verification code sent from Microsoft to your student email. (May take a few minutes to arrive)
  6. Click the Start button
  7. Click the Next button
  8. Set up at least one of the additional security options listed.
    • Email or Phone
  9. Click the Finish Button.
  10. Complete the Invite more people form to invite your friends and colleagues.
    • You may also click the Skip button to skip sending the invitations.
  11. You are now logged into your new Microsoft Office 365 account! Click the Install Office 2016 link to download and install; your new software.



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