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Anjelah Johnson performs for Laughfest

Anjelah Johnson performed at Fountain Street Church. - Tara Woods

By Tara Woods – The Collegiate Staff

Anjelah Johnson, the comedian famous for her MAD TV Character Bon Qui Qui performed to a sold-out audience at Fountain Street Church Saturday night as part of LaughFest 2018.

Johnson walked onstage to the beat of Cardi B’s famous song “Bodack Yellow,” but she wanted everyone to know it was the radio version.

“I’m in a church, I had to come with the radio version,” She quipped, making fun of the song’s vulgar lyrics.

Johnson’s, a San Jose native, first shot to fame in 2007 while on MAD TV. Her character, Bon Qui Qui, went viral online after she had been “let go” from the show. That didn’t stop her though, Johnson then went on to perform another viral clip called Nail Salon, where she tells the story of her getting her nails done by “Tammy” the manicurist.

Johnson talked a lot about her life since then, telling the audience about a trip to London she took recently.

“There are no Latinos in London,” Johnson jokes. “When I was walking down the street, I walked past these two guys and one goes ‘Dude, that’s J-Lo!’ And I said, ‘WHERE?!’ First of all, not every Latina wearing hoop earrings is J-Lo, and secondly, thank you so much.”

Johnson kept the audience laughing when talking about how much she loves paranormal things. She told the audience about how she would love to be haunted, but by a millennial ghost named Dillon.

“He would have a man bun,” Johnson remarked. “You know how things go missing when you have a ghost? My hair ties would mysteriously disappear. And you know how ghosts hang around because they have unfinished business? Millennials would be here forever, ‘cause they never finish anything.”

The laughs hardly ever stopped, even as Johnson rounded out her show while talking about the success of Bon Qui Qui, who was signed to a record deal with Warner Brother Records, the same company who manages Cher, Jason Derulo and even Madonna.

“She gets a real record deal, with a real record company, and she’s not even a real person!” Johnson sighs.

After playing some of her songs for the crowd, Johnson gives everyone a special treat by performing her famous Nail Salon bit before signing off.
The audience appears to leave the show in high spirits and some of us had a slight belly ache from the laughter. If you missed this show, Johnson is still on tour around the country until June 3.  

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