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Two budget allocations highlight Student Alliance Metting

Courtesy of GRCC Student Alliance.

By Andrew Nemeth – Collegiate Staff

The Grand Rapids Community College Student Alliance met on April 5 and covered two requests for additional funding for trips planned by two student groups, Gamma Theta Upsilon (GTU), the  International Geographical Honor Society, and the Collegiate Association for the research of Principles (CARP).

The GTU requested additional funding allocation for the California Geographical Society Annual Conference. Several GRCC alumni have gone on this trip in years past both to experience the conference and to make presentations while there.

GTU requested $980.41 to cover transportation lodging and conference costs while on the trip. GTU is bringing one student and the club advisor to the conference. The total cost of the trip will be $3469, $1480.47 will be available to cover a bulk of the costs already, all of the remaining costs will be covered by the participants. GTU was not able to attend Thursday’s meeting, however the funding request was approved unanimously.

The second request Student Alliance looked at was a funding request for the CARP retreat on May 18. The retreat will be to Camp Kohoe in Benton Harbor. The conference purpose was summarized by CARP president, Josue Kisile, at the meeting. The conference divides students into groups for guided discussions and to expand their worldview. This year’s conference was broken down from a nationwide conference to regional conferences

The request was originally for $1,500 to cover transportation costs and conference costs for 25 students, this was changed to $1700 to accommodate five extra members allowing the club to bring a total of 30 students. There are already 16 students signed up for the two day conference. The allocation request was approved.

The meeting also set up times for interviews for new Student Alliance members which will begin April 9.