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Five Easy Steps to Decorating Your Graduation Cap

Many of the caps of the graduates carried messages, such as the one by Kara Crookston, left, during Fresno State University's 101st Commencement at the Save Mart Center in Fresno, California, on Saturday, May 19, 2012. (John Walker/Fresno Bee/MCT)

By Brooklyn Andres

Graduation is just one day away and Grand Rapids Community College’s campus is buzzing with excited students. Finish your semester off by putting some thought into making something special to represent you at this year’s commencement. Here are five simple steps to decorating your graduation cap to remember your time here at GRCC.

Step 1: Get Your Cap

A simple first step, yes, but it’s a necessary part of decorating. If you have not bought your cap and gown yet, no worries. The GRCC bookstore located in the Student Center is still selling them. Stop in and pick one up today to begin this fun decoration process.

Step 2: Supplies

The next step is to gather your supplies for decorating. There are no rules to what you can put on your cap as long as it remains appropriate for school. So head to your local craft or dollar store and pick up some things that you’d like to throw atop your cap to represent you. For example, I bought stuff like, sequins, bows and little paper airplanes because I want to travel. What will you decorate your cap with?  

Step 3: Assemble

Time for the fun part. This is the step where you get to make your cap special to you. Whether that’s a quote that you’ve held dear to you over the years, or your favorite meme. It doesn’t matter, your cap could be a bunch of random things piled on top or even one sticker… Whatever you want to express yourself through, go ahead.

Step 4: Application

This is a very important step to pay attention to. Application on the graduation cap can, at sometimes, be difficult due to the material of the cap, however, not impossible. While decorating my cap, I found it easiest to buy things like glue dots, velcro strips, and I used a lot of hot glue. Things like stickers or regular Elmer’s glue don’t usually stick to the cap material very well. Once everything is placed as you like it, let the cap sit still in a dry place overnight.

Step 5: Graduate

Finally! Time to show off your beautiful masterpiece to all that attend the ceremony and be proud of it. Wear that crown, walk the runway, and smile. Congratulations class of 2019, you did it!


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