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More Inclement Weather Expected in the next 24 Hours

The overcast weather today is indicative of more rain that is likely to come overnight and continue into tomorrow.

Seasoned Michiganders have grown accustomed to unpredictable weather and the past few days have proved just that. 

Beginning with the unseasonably warm weather experienced on Tuesday and Wednesday, where temperatures reached a high of 88 degrees. According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) meteorologist, Brett Borchardt, the average temperature for West Michigan during this time is 75 degrees. The 13-degree increase can be attributed to a warm air mass that moved over Lake Michigan. 

Just as quickly as the temperatures rose, a storm moved into the area. Borchardt stated that NOAA has yet to make a definitive call as to whether the storm can be classified as a tornado. He did confirm that winds reached up to 100 mph in particular areas. Large storms like this aren’t often indicative of a larger global change in weather, but more of an anomaly. 

Rain is expected late this evening and into tomorrow, possibly producing another storm tomorrow afternoon. According to Borchardt, cooler temperatures are to remain throughout the weekend before increasing slightly next week. The milder weather expected next week will provide “some time to clean up after the damage,” he said. 

“Temperatures will be holding steady in the mid to upper 70s (next week), nothing as humid as what we experienced this week,” Borchardt said, noting that temperatures will be “relatively normal” for this time of year.