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New NBA 2K20 Receives Backlash From Community Over In Game Issues

Lakers Gaming small forward Kevin (Kev) Alvarado, 20, plays against Knicks Gaming at the NBA 2K League Studio in Long Island City, NY on Wednesday, June 5, 2019. Lakers Gaming lost their first game to Knicks Gaming 57-66, but won their second game against the Hawks Talon GC 54-48. (Nikki Boliaux/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

by Anthony Degrado

“NBA 2K” has been around in the video game community for over 20 years, but the release of the new game immediately received negative reactions from fans as there are many problems with the game since the initial release.

“NBA 2K20” was released on Sept. 6, and while the video game franchise has built a large community around it after producing successful games in previous years, the “NBA 2K20” release was met with strong criticism from many fans. 

The main problem was in the MyCareer game mode where you create a player and play NBA seasons like a real NBA superstar. This problem included the in-game currency and upgrading your players overall rating. Many “NBA 2K” fans spend real money on in-game currency and upgrading your MyPlayer costs in-game currency which is called VC. With the problems in this game, someone may spend real money on VC to upgrade their MyPlayer where they could have an issue spending VC, but not upgrade your MyPlayer’s overall. Also, another main issue was after each game played in the MyPlayer game mode you are supposed to receive progression points which goes towards your overall rating. Along with the VC problem, the progression does not get accounted for after every game played, as it should.

A big part of the MyPlayer game mode is earning badges that increase your players game play. Badges help specific areas of gameplay such as “contact finisher”, “fancy footwork”, or even “pick and roller”. All glitches are not always bad for the player, in “NBA 2K20” there is a problem where the practice game-mode badges will be earned at an accelerated level if you do the same drill repeatedly. Although this is a benefit for the player it can still have a negative impact overall. If caught using this glitch, purposefully or not, “NBA 2K20” can ban your account.

Many angry fans took their frustrations to Twitter, the majority of the complaints being received by “NBA 2K’s” Digital Marketing Director, Ronnie Singh, also known as Ronnie2K. This resulted in “NBA 2K’s” Twitter to post a tweet regarding the issues. Ronnie2k also serves as the company’s public face.

“Although many of the issues seen after launch have been fixed, we know there are still others we need to resolve,”read the tweet posted Sept. 6.  “Our [development] team is working around the clock to prepare an upcoming patch that will address other significant issues” 

GRCC student Brendan Little, 19, from Greenville, Michigan, who has been a fan of the series for many years vented his frustrations with the new game.

“The servers are trash and the online part of the game always crashes when im playing,” Little said.  

When asked if he has had issues playing previous “NBA 2K” games he said, “Yes, it’s the same problems every year. Unpopular opinion, but I’d say that this is the worst 2K since ‘NBA 2K16.’”

The “NBA 2K” community is currently one of the largest video game fan bases and when Little was asked if he would buy the game knowing what he knows now, he said, “I mean of course, you always gotta buy 2K.” 

GRCC student, Noah Ike, 19, has played past “NBA 2K” games and has been a fan of the franchise for many years.

“I’ve played the previous games and there’s been a lot of errors, but I’d still say 2K is one of my favorite games,” Ike said.

The Collegiate reached out to the 2K public relations team via email and have yet to get a response. If you have any comments relating to the recent “NBA 2K” issues please comment on our website below.