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Campus Police Reports For Nov. 20 – Dec. 4

(Lucas Southwell/The Collegiate)

By Lucas Southwell

Man escorted from Applied Technology Center to the psychiatric ward at Saint Mary’s

On Nov. 23 at around 9:30 a.m. a man was escorted by officers from the campus’ Applied Technology Center to the psychiatric ward at Saint Mary’s Hospital. 

According to the police report, the officers were dispatched to the ATC building to deal with a man possibly going through drug withdrawal. When the officers arrived the man was wandering around the lower level of the building and was unresponsive to questions about what he was looking for or what was going on. 

When asked for identification, the man gave officers a Michigan Bridge Card and a credit card. He claimed that after loitering around last night police officers had taken his ID before driving him to a mission. He said he left the mission after almost getting into a fight there and tried to check himself into rehab for mental illness and a sore throat but was kicked out. 

When asked about drugs the man told officers that he was on medication but said that that was private information. The man told the officers that they needed to kill the other officers that had taken his ID. It was at this point the responding officers took him outside.

The man said the officers could help him by driving him to his sister’s or mother’s house. Unable to do that, the officers instead tried to call the man’s sister and mother on his behalf. They weren’t able to get in contact with his mother but were able to talk with his sister. The sister said the man was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, but that there was nothing she could do as she has a young son and there were problems the last time he stayed at her place. She said that she feels he gets shuffled around without getting the help he needs.

After failing to get in contact with InterAct through a number given to officers by the sister, the man agreed to be taken to St. Mary’s to check into the psychiatric ward there. According to the police report when officers attempted to pat him down prior to transporting him he had a violent outburst and shouted about not wanting to be touched, and so he was handcuffed for the trip after officers calmed him down. 

Once at St. Mary’s the man had a second outburst, this time concerning the nurses touching him. Security helped the officers calm the man down before a doctor was finally able to evaluate him and give him some medication to help him calm down and go to sleep. It was decided that a social worker would come see the man and his InterAct case manager would be contacted regarding his situation. 

Door Broke Open At Lettinga House

On Nov. 22 the door to the Lettinga House, 473 Fulton St. E, on the Grand Rapids Community College DeVos Campus appeared to have been broken into. 

According to the police report the door seemed to be kicked in with damage to the door frame but no property was missing or disturbed other than the door. 

The house has been under construction with many construction workers on and around the property. According to a witness the door must have been broken between 3:30 p.m., when it was last seen intact, and 7:03 p.m., when it was discovered open.

Student harassed by old boyfriend of deceased mother

On Dec. 3 a Grand Rapids Community College Student reported that a man who had had a previous relationship with her now deceased mother had been trying to get in contact with her and her family through social media and had even shown up to her old workplace. 

The man was recently released from prison following a sentence for Criminal Sexual Conduct and had avoided social media blocks through the creation of new accounts. According to the student, the relationship the man had with her mother had been 15 years ago and lasted only a couple of months.

The student told police that the man had mentioned her taking classes at GRCC in a social media message. She was uncomfortable with the situation and looking to obtain a personal protection order.

The man was described as a white man with black hair in his 30s with a thin build, glasses, and a raspy voice.

Man arrested and charged with trespassing and failure to obey a lawful command

On Dec. 4 on the outdoor balcony at the Applied Technology Center a man was arrested and later charged with trespassing and failure to obey a lawful command. 

According to the police report, officers found the man and a woman asleep on the balcony early in the morning. The officers woke them up and informed them that they were trespassing. The two began gathering their things and promising to leave. 

The officers on the scene said they were prepared to let them off with a warning but wanted to confirm their identity first. The suspects were initially resistant to sharing their names, reiterating their promise to leave, but eventually cooperated. Neither had identification on hand. 

After learning the suspects’ names it was discovered that the man had an outstanding warrant out of Montcalm County. Officers then attempted to put hand-cuffs on the man despite his denial of having any contact with Malcom County police officers and his insistence that they had the wrong man. It was also discovered later that the man had also already received a verbal warning about trespassing on Grand Rapids Community College property on Oct. 21.

The man initially cooperated with officers and followed their orders when they told him to put his hands behind his back but he became tense and agitated when an officer attempted to move the woman away from the scene and toward the door. The man was then pinned against a wall by police officers. He was reportedly resistant and refused to leave the woman alone while still claiming that the officers had the wrong man. The man was held there for several minutes before he became calm and officers were able to convince him to cooperate. 

The man was arrested and later charged with trespassing and failure to obey a lawful command through the 61st District Court in Grand Rapids. Montcalm County officials were contacted but had advised that they did not want to pick him up. 

The woman was let off with a warning for trespassing. She was also asked if she was a victim of sex trafficking, which she said she wasn’t. She also denied resource help that officers offered her.


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