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Campus Police Reports for Jan. 15 – Jan. 21

GRCC Campus Police Building (Lucas Southwell/The Collegiate)

By Hayley Babbitt

Fire alarm pulled in Main Building

On Jan. 15, Grand Rapids Community College Officer Kam Robles was dispatched to the north/main building on campus. Around 4:30 p.m. the alarm went off which caused students and faculty to evacuate the building. Robles later discovered that a pull station had been activated, yet with further investigation found no suspects or witnesses to identify who pulled the alarm. 

Students and faculty waiting outside the building after the alarm went off Joshua Carlson

“Stolen” flash drives

Around 4 p.m. on Jan. 16, GRCC Police Officer Zack Penniman, was dispatched to a report of larceny in the science building. A student there reported that they had three flash drives stolen off of their desk in room 219 while they had stepped away to speak with their professor. 

According to the report, the student claimed to have important information on one of the flash drives, 128 gigabytes, including tax information as well as their social security number. 

Following up with the student, Penniman discovered on a phone call that the student had later found all the flash drives in their backpack. 

Aggressive note left on windshield after car is vandalized in GRCC parking ramp

A female student reported vehicle damage to Officer Penniman at the campus police headquarters on Jan. 16. The student reported that she had parked on the fifth level of ramp two around 1 p.m. and returned to her vehicle at approximately 4:30 p.m., where she discovered a large dent on the left rear quarter panel of the car. Multiple officers agreed that the dent was made by an object, not another vehicle, and described the dent to be the size of a softball. 

Along with the damage to her vehicle, the student discovered a note on her windshield that said “fuck you for parking like that you inconsiderate asshole learn how to park dumbass”.

There are no suspects as of now. However, the student is looking to press charges if the perpetrator is found.

Loiterer in Sneden Cafe

A male student reportedly loitered around a female student in line at the Sneden Cafe on Jan. 20. The female student claimed that the man continuously tried speaking to her in the cafe line about random historical and “intellectual” subjects despite her obvious signals of disinterest and discomfort.

It is reported that the student left the situation crying and eventually made a report to GRCC Officer Kaye Newberry. Newberry explained to the student that the individual had not committed any criminal offenses. However, Newberry investigated further and was able to find the male student based off of the female’s report. The male suspect was approached by Newberry outside of room 203 in White Hall, and was angered by the confrontation about his actions in the cafe.

He presumably told Newberry, “You have changed the course of my life,” several times while aggravated, and claimed that he was threatened by the female student since she would not make conversation with him.

After the confrontation with the student, no further action was made.

Van accident in parking ramp

On Jan. 21, at approximately 10:30 a.m., Officer Newberry was dispatched to help a van that had attempted to park in a parking ramp but was too tall to fit underneath the ramp’s bar clearance. The van reportedly had several students from Kentwood Public Schools inside. The vehicle proceeded to back up into a cement beam, damaging the van. When GRCC police did a scan of the license plate, the only information was who the original owner of the vehicle had been. 

No further action was made about the incident.

Man seen urinating on campus

Also on Jan. 21, Officer Zack Penniman investigated a report made by a student who claimed to see an African American male urinating outside on campus. The student reported that he had been walking around the Applied Technology Center and saw the man who he had guessed to be in his 20-30s, wearing a black hoodie and red pants urinating on a walkway. 

Penniman was dispatched at about 3:30 p.m., and looked for the suspect around ramp one of the parking garage, near where the student had reported seeing the suspect walking. The man had not been identified or found.

Drunk driver 

On Jan. 17 at about 9 p.m., Officer Penniman and Officer Martin Ruiz stopped a drunk driver while exiting the Lyon Street parking ramp. The driver was described as a man in his 70s, driving the wrong way on a one-way heading east on Lyon St. The man claimed to have only had two alcoholic beverages, yet could not remember the bar he had left.

The officers issued a series of dexterity tasks to the driver, all of which he failed. A preliminary breath test was also taken, which resulted in a .085 blood alcohol content. Upon these failures, the driver was arrested and taken to the Kent County Jail with charges of operating while intoxicated and driving the wrong way on a one-way. 

The man had no previous charges.