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The Killers At The End Of The Fear Street: A Review Of ‘Fear Street: Part Three 1666’

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By Jamie Miller

Greetings Nightlighters, it is I “the sometimes imitated, never intimidated, never cynical comic book creating kid” Jamie Miller here, with yet another issue of Nightlight. Well my friends, it’s all been leading to this. “Fear Street: Part Three 1666” the final chapter in the “Fear Street saga” has been released, and oh what a chapter it was.

“Fear Street: Part Three: 1666,” which premiered on Netflix on July 16, tells the final chapter of Deena and Josh Johnson’s battle with the force of darkness that has sunk it’s talons deep into their town of Shadyside, Ohio, causing pain and woe to many of those unlucky enough to call it home. (Read my reviews of part one and two.) Banding together with Ziggy Berman, a survivor of the Camp Nightwing massacre, and Martin, a smart mouthed ne’er do well (and one of the most entertaining characters of the film), the four seek to finish the fight once and for all. But evil never goes without a fight, and the foursome are in for the struggle of their lives… with said lives being the ultimate prize. However, in order to save her future, Deena must go back to the beginning and unlock the mystery of who Sarah Fier is.

The movie stars many returning actors and actresses. Kiana Madeira plays a dual role of Deena and Fier in flashbacks, Benjamin Flores Jr. as Josh/ Henry, Fiers younger brother in flashbacks. Olivia Scott Welch as Samantha Fraser/ Hannnah Miller, Fier’s lover, back in 1666. Sadie Sink returns as young Ziggy/ Constance, an acquaintance of Fier. Gillian Jacobs plays the role of adult Ziggy. Ashley Zukerman returns as well as Sheriff Nick Goode/ Solomon Goode, Nick’s ancestor and a family friend of the Fier family. Darrell Britt-Gibson known from such shows as “The Wire” and “Barry” returns as Martin, Martin had a small role in the first film for a single scene but this time around is a major character.

Much as the other movies, this film is great. Mostly for the same reasons, they never make the kills or violence comical, characters who would in other movies be a nuisance at best and a villain at worst turn out to be heroic, such as Martin who despite seeming like a grifter and wannabe thug, turns out to have the heart of a warrior. Not to mention this has one of the greatest twists I’ve seen in a movie in a very long time. Let’s just say there’s more to the Fier witch than meets the eye. I feel I must give it nine torches out of 10, a rating I do not give out lightly. I highly urge you to watch this and the other movies.