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How Restaurants Returning to Full Capacity Will Impact Our Campus Dining Here at GRCC

Usually bustling with students, GRCC campus has been quiet. (Hayley Babbitt/The Collegiate).

By Sherry Sokolowski

After the announcement on June 22, 2021, that capacity limits for restaurants across Michigan had been lifted, Grand Rapids Community College announced that campus restaurants would return to full capacity.

Out of the six restaurants on campus only one, the Quiet Cafe, remains open during the summer semester. The other five – the Raider Grille, Sneden Cafe, Art and Bev’s, The Heritage and Winchester Alley – are all closed temporarily for the summer. Once the fall semester rolls around, they are expected to be open.

“As the state and restaurants reopen to full capacity, most of the food service industry is looking to rehire many employees to keep up with the current demand,” said Keaton Krupa, director of Dining Services at GRCC. “We will be competing against many other restaurants and companies trying to find staff to reopen all of our services for the Fall semester.”

GRCC’s campus dining services are currently hiring. “We are looking for experienced cooks, caterers and service-related professionals to join our creative team,” said Krupa.

They are also looking for student employees: “We will hire students based on their work availability and are willing to train people for any position if they would like to gain more experience,” Krupa added.

Campus dining employees are no longer required to wear face masks, although it is still recommended for anybody who is unvaccinated.

To see the current job openings corporately, use this link.