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Disorderly conduct, car damage, and more in GRCC Police report roundup for Aug. 31-Sept. 7

(Jacquelyn Zeman/The Collegiate)

By Sherry Sokolowski

Disorderly Person in the Testing Center

On Aug. 31 at 11:56 a.m. Officer Martin Ruiz went to the testing center on the first floor of the Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall in response to a woman yelling at a GRCC employee. Both officers Ruiz and Kaye McCarty searched the area and couldn’t find her. The employee said that she came to the center to take a placement test needed to enroll in classes. 

The GRCC employee was attempting to let the woman know that it wasn’t necessary for her to take the test, when she then became very angry, started yelling and called him a racist. After a few minutes, she left the testing center and walked into the Peter and Pat Cook Academic Hall. The employees were told to contact the GRCC Police Department if she came back. The woman was found to not be a student and the officers were unable to locate her. 

Laptop Initially Reported Stolen Found to be Misplaced

At 12:07 p.m on Aug. 31, Officer Martin Ruiz was patrolling the Student Community Center when a GRCC student approached him. The student told him that someone had stolen her laptop in the Student Center. He interviewed her and took notes. About an hour later, the student called the GRCCPD and spoke with Ruiz. She apologized and explained that she had just misplaced her laptop in the Calkins Science Center. 

Car Damaged in a Hit and Run in the Bostwick Parking Ramp

On Sept. 2, Officer Zack Penniman went to the Bostwick parking ramp to investigate a car damaged in a hit and run incident. The owner of the car said it happened between 9 a.m. and 3:50 p.m. that day. She said she parked next to a silver car but couldn’t remember the make or model of it. Officer Penniman gave her a copy of the report number and there was no further action. 

Disorderly Person in Student Center

On Sept. 3, Officer Robert Peters was sent to the Student Life office in regards to a complaint of a woman causing a disturbance. Once he arrived, he found out she had left and proceeded to check the area. He was unable to find the woman but was told by Chief Rebecca Whitman that if she was found, she was to return to the Student Life office to receive a letter that would ban her from being on GRCC property. 

While Officer Peters was talking with the staff, the woman was spotted walking outside the office. He approached her and asked if she’d come into the office. She agreed to walk over to the office, but refused to enter and said she’d stand at the doorway. The woman demanded she be told why she was receiving the permanent ban. A Student Life staff member and Officer Peters tried explaining that the police department had received multiple complaints about her over the past week, but the woman became defensive and kept interrupting them. She said that she was being mistreated all over the city. 

The woman also mentioned a few times that her car broke down and she was waiting for roadside assistance, so she didn’t have time to talk. Officer Peters then explained that she is no longer allowed to be on campus, and if she needed to do business with the college, she would have to call or email. The woman then wanted to speak with Chief Whitman, so Officer Peters walked her over to the police department. When speaking with Chief Whitman, the woman was referencing conversations they had two years ago. She also accused Chief Whitman of calling her a “hooker” and the chief responded that she said no such thing. When Chief Whitman tried to hand her the letter stating she wasn’t allowed on campus, she refused to take the letter. She said they needed to mail it to her instead. 

Since she refused, Chief Whitman told her she wasn’t allowed to be on campus and if she returned, she could be arrested. The woman then left. 

After the woman left, Officer Peters went back to Student Life and spoke with another employee about what happened. The employee stated that while standing outside of the office, the woman walked past him and purposely bumped into him. She then began accusing him of assaulting her. She demanded that he get her change for her dollar bill so she could use a pay phone. The employee told her that they might not have change so she should check with the Student Financial Services office. This is when the woman left the scene before GRCCPD initially arrived. 

Same Person Causing Disorder in Ferris Office

About 45minutes after the previous encounter in the Student Life office, the same woman was reported to be in the Ferris State University office yelling at employees. Officers searched the area and couldn’t find her. 

One of the employees in the office said that she spoke with the woman the past Monday over the phone. The woman explained that she applied to FSU and was denied the ability to enroll in courses because of a background check and previous history with the university. She also said that the government was telling FSU to deny her the ability to go to school. The employee told her she could file an appeal with the school but had to follow the proper procedures to do so. 

Two other FSU employees working the front desk said on this day she came to the front desk complaining about the institution. She spoke with them for a bit and then asked them if she was still on GRCC’s campus. The employees explained that while FSU was separate from GRCC, they were still in a GRCC building. She acknowledged that she wasn’t supposed to be there and then left. The FSU employees were asked to report her if she returned.  

Student gets in trouble for putting money on RaiderCard while exiting parking ramp, reports alleged encounter to police

On Sept. 7 at 9:51 a.m., GRCCPD received a call from a GRCC student. She said that an aggressive lady approached her vehicle while she was trying to exit the parking ramp and yelled at her for being in the line for too long. The student explained that she didn’t have any money on her RaiderCard and was sitting at the exit gate to put money on it. The lady told the student to move out of line while putting money on the card. 

The GRCC police department followed up with the parking ramp office and spoke with the manager. The manager said she spoke with a female but didn’t yell at her. She said she told the student next time she should move out of line when putting money on her card but since there were no cars behind her for today, it was fine. This information was sent to the parking ramp employee’s supervisor.

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