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Body found at the ATC building, trespassing warning issued and false fire alarm in Oct. 19-24 GRCC Police reports

The Grand Rapids Community College campus police station. (Samuel Tucker/The Collegiate)

By Sherry Sokolowski

Body found on  Applied Technology Center premises 

On Oct. 24 at approximately 12:23 p.m. Grand Rapids Community College Police Officer Kam Robles was called by the Grand Rapids Police Department in regards to a dead body found on the ATC’s roof. After further discussion, it was discovered that the body was actually on the southwest patio of the building in the construction zone. Both the Grand Rapids Police Department and medical staff were dispatched to the scene. 

Once he arrived, Robles made contact with both GRPD and a GRCC Facilities employee. The man appeared to be homeless as he was dressed in hospital scrubs and personal belongings were nearby.

GRPD said they were familiar with the man due to their connections with the Homeless Outreach Team and were able to identify him. He was believed to have died from complications related to cancer along with alcoholism. He was pronounced dead at 12:39 p.m. before Robles arrived. 

The GRCC Facilities employee said he was completing a building check and discovered the body around 12 p.m.  

GRPD stayed on scene to wait for the medical examiner to retrieve the body for an autopsy. A search in GRCC’s system found that there were previous contacts with the man from 2011 through 2016. 

GRPD also contacted Spectrum Health Butterworth hospital while on scene to see if the man had been recently hospitalized, but they refused to provide any information. On Oct. 27, GRPD sent over their police report to the GRCC Police Department and it was discovered that the man was not correctly identified initially, and was later identified correctly using fingerprints. 

No further information is available at this time. 


Fire alarm false alarm

On Oct. 19 at 7:52 a.m. Officers Thomas Stasiak and Timothy Nelson went to Raleigh J. Finklestein Hall in response to a fire alarm going off. They were initially told that the alarm originated in the G2 riser room. Once he arrived, Stasiak checked the room and found no issues. The Grand Rapids Fire Department arrived and the officers met them onLyon Street. Together, they inspected the riser room and again found no issues. GRFD reset the panel and the alarm for the building.


Strange situation on top of the Bostwick parking ramp

On Oct. 19 at 11:23 a.m. Officers Michelle Tett and Martin Ruiz were patrolling the top of the Bostwick parking ramp when they came across a man and a woman. The woman was crying as the man was attempting to get her to walk across the bridge that leads to the Applied Technology Center and the Library Learning Commons. 

The officers told dispatch that they were going to complete a welfare check on them. The man said he was going to the library to check on his Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), however, the woman didn’t want to go to the library and the man didn’t want to leave her.

Officers attempted to talk to the woman but she initially remained silent. The woman didn’t want to give officers her name and  spoke very softly while holding onto the man, appearing to be afraid of the officers, according to reports. The officers said they needed to know who she was but the woman repeatedly said she couldn’t recall her name. 

Officer Timothy Nelson arrived as backup and spoke separately with the woman. When speaking with her, she seemed to have trouble speaking as the woman was very quiet and mumbling. When Nelson tried to identify her, the woman said she didn’t remember her name or date of birth and felt nervous. Nelson explained that it’s just standard practice with everyone they come in contact with, but the woman continued to claim she still had trouble remembering her name. 

Nelson asked if she was taking any medications or drugs. The woman said she only smoked cigarettes and did not take any medications or drugs.. After a while, the woman gave Nelson her name and  date of birth  but did not have any identification on her. Officers weren’t able to confirm if the information given was accurate. 

Nelson and Ruiz conversed with one another, and Ruiz determined that American Medical Response be contacted because of the way the woman was acting. AMR arrived shortly after  and said they couldn’t take the woman to the hospital because she answered all of their questions without a problem. The woman refused to be taken to the hospital and signed the refusal form to be transported by AMR. 

GRCC Police Chief Rebecca Whitman requested the woman be given a verbal warning for trespassing. The individuals were informed that they couldn’t be on campus unless they had business at the college.

Neither of the individuals were students at GRCC and the GRCC Police have not had any contact with them in the past. The man had a mental order and couldn’t be within four blocks of 1 Monroe Avenue while the woman had no record.


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