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How to get involved in Collegiate esports in Michigan

(Photo Courtesy of Northwood University Esports)

By Daniel Yae

Esports is a growing scene for opportunities in recent years. Competitive esport competitions showcase the highest level of gameplay possible to audiences that love to watch and play the game. Similar to traditional sports such as basketball, European football, American football, there are opportunities that can start at the collegiate level of esports, especially in Michigan.

With Grand Rapids Community College there is the GRCC gaming club which can help lead to opportunities to meet people who can help you in the right direction. For colleges in Michigan with collegiate esport programs there are quite a few that offer scholarships and an opportunity to compete at the collegiate level.

Some of the colleges and universities that provide esport programs and clubs are Grand Valley State University, Aquinas College, University of Michigan, Michigan State University, and Northwood University. These  colleges offer different opportunities of local area network (LAN) experience for tournament competitions. The students learn  to improve and play at a higher level and to connect with others who have the same interest and love for gaming and esports.    

With gaming, there are more opportunities than there was before, with people now being able to qualify for scholarships whether those are full ride scholarships or a smaller amounts is dependent on the school and program they provide. These schools give potential careers and opportunities through esports now. Playing games and potentially having your studies paid for sounds like a win-win type of situation.

Competitive gaming has expanded into one of the biggest industries in the world and is spreading down to the collegiate and even high school level providing gamers with  opportunities to fund their education. If you feel you’re good enough to compete at the collegiate level contact these schools. It could lead to opportunities you never saw before.

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