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Midterm Election wrap up

Sucel Peleg poses with her vote sticker after casting her ballot during early voting for the general election at Northeast Dade – Aventura Branch Library on Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2020, in Aventura, Florida. (David Santiago/Miami Herald/TNS)

By Sophie Deiters

The midterm elections took place across the country Nov. 8  and it was a particularly important race for Michigan residents. Abortion rights, voting rights, and term limits were on the ballot as well as Governer, Attorney General, Secretary of State and State Representatives.

Turnout was pretty astounding this year compared to 2018 with over 4 million Michiganders making it to the polls while only around 2 million turned out in 2018. In Kent county alone almost 300,000 people voted with 54.4 percent of those votes being for Gretchen Whitmer, making Kent Country a blue district. 

Many news organizations are speculating that this is the result of young people getting to the polls. GRCC Student, Tony Ensing speculated that social media may have also contributed to this unexpected turnout saying, “You can see all over social media how much young people are just talking about a lot of the issues that happen now.”

All three proposals passed which alters Michigan’s state Constitution to legalize abortion, change term limits and extend voting rights. 

Several GRCC students told The Collegiate they were happy about the proposals being passed. One student, Sam Ringstron said, “I’m really happy they all passed.” He said he was unsure about what the result would be but that he was glad all three proposals were voted in. 

Another student, Jackqline Melhovk said, “I feel good that prop 3 passed.”

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has secured a second term beating out her opponent, Tudor Dixon. In the past Dixon has stated that widespread election fraud changed the outcome of the 2020 election which caused some to speculate on whether she would accept the results of the gubernatorial race. Despite this, Dixon peacefully conceded in a statement that included, “I called Governor Whitmer this morning to concede and wish her well.” 

In Whitmer’s victory speech she said, “We get to keep doing this work, serving the public in our beautiful home state.” 

Students also said they were pleased with the outcome of the governor’s race. Ringstron said, “I think (Whitmer) is doing a really good job overall. I just think she’s really competent and knows what she’s doing.”

Democrat Jocelyn Benson has also been reelected as Secretary of State, beating out her opponent and far-right election denier Kristina Karamo. Karamo has raised unsubstantiated claims about voter fraud in Detroit during the 2020 election. In her statement put out on Twitter, Karamo accused an Ann Arbor clerk of committing “elections crimes” as well as several other accusations of fraud during the election. These claims are unsubstantiated. 

Meanwhile, Benson tweeted out, “Today Michigan voters showed the world that they will vote for truth over lies, facts over conspiracy theories, real results over empty promises. I’m grateful for their support and honored to be re-elected to a second term as Michigan’s Secretary of State.” 

Democrat, Hillary Scholten beat out John Gibbs making her the first democrat to represent the 3rd Congressional District in Michigan since the 1970s. In her victory speech Scholten said, “We’re a community that cares for its poor, it’s vulnerable, and welcomes the stranger, a community where differences are not feared but valued. We love our country, and we will not tolerate anti-Democratic, anti-American extremism here.”

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