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Things to do for Valentines Day on a Budget


By Anna Creagan 

Have you  decided to find a valentine this year, but are now panicking because the 14th has snuck up on you and you are breaking the bank trying to find a romantic date for you and your partner? Don’t worry about it. Luckily, Grand Rapids is filled with exciting and fresh date ideas for you and your valentine. 

This year, Valentine’s Day is falling on a warm Tuesday. Expect a high of 51 and a low of available tables at fancy restaurants. So if you’re trying to impress your date, here’s a list for you: 

Love on Ice 

Rosa Parks Circle is offering a two for one deal on ice skating. Bring your loved one to the rink for just $4. The rink is also doing free photos and the opportunity to carve your name into an ice sculpture. Food trucks will also be available from 6 -9 p.m.. 

Rating on the romantic scale: 7/10 

Candy Shopping 

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like an insane amount of candy. Take your date to the cutest candy stores grand rapids has to offer. 

Rocket Fizz

2090 Celebration Dr NE, Unit 122

Sweetland Candies

5170 Plainfield Ave NE

Mokaya Artisan Chocolate and Confections 

638 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids


146 Monroe Center St NW

Rating on the romantic scale: 5/10 

Grand Rapids Public Museum 

If you have the day to kill, the Public Museum is a perfect spot for a very PG date. You can hold hands and stroll the Dress Exhibit or learn about the Power of Poison. This is a great way to learn about your dates interests, and the best part, it’s free for all Grand Rapids Community College students! 

Rating on the romance scale: 2/10 

Swing Dancing 

What’s more romantic than learning how to dance with someone? Nothing. Swing dancing at the Masonic Temple on Fulton is hosted by the Grand Rapids Original Swing Society and is open to everyone. Lessons start at 7 p.m. and you can dance until 9:30 p.m.. 

Rating on the romance scale: 8/10 

Ax Throwing 

For $26 dollars you and your loved one can rent a lane for an hour to throw axes at targets. This is probably better for couples who need to get their anger out before dinner, but it is also a great bonding experience for a first date. 

Rating on the romance scale: 7/10 


Want to be even more unique than ax throwing? Then fowling is the perfect experience for you and your sweetie. Instead of regular bowling, fowling is a mix between the great romantic sport bowling and football. Compete with your valentine in the most ridiculous way possible with this made up sport. Fowling is only $12 a person for unlimited fowling.  

Rating on the romance scale: 7/10 


For $11.99 you can get a Papa John’s pizza (made with love) in the shape of a heart, take it to Lookout Park and watch the sunset. This is a personal date that seems like a lot of thought went into it. There is literally nothing is more romantic than a picnic in a special spot. 

Rating on the romance scale: 10/10

Whether you spend the big bucks, or none at all, Valentine’s Day is about the people you love and want to spend the cheesy holiday with. Don’t worry about the money, or if you have a hot date or not. Just try to show love and be the best version of yourself for one day. Then you can go buy all the on sale candy the next day and be a love hater once more.

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