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Former GRCC associate provost and dean of Student Affairs, Tina Hoxie serves as interim provost


By Selena Reyes

Returning from a short 10-month retirement, Tina Hoxie has stepped in as interim provost at GRCC. Hoxie had just returned from a vacation in Mexico and was reinstated as interim when the provost seat was left empty after Brian Knetl relocated to Illonios to become president of Waubonsee Community College on Jan.10.

Hoxie was previously committed to GRCC for 28 years and served as Dean of Students before retiring in April of 2022. She is experienced with serving as interim provost as she took on the role when Laurie Chesley accepted a presidency at Central Oregon Community College in March of 2019. 

“With my commitment that I have to GRCC, I can be helpful in this period of transition,” Hoxie said. “I can be helpful to the president. I can be available to keep things moving forward. There are a lot of great things happening here. Evidence of that is upon my return, I’m working quickly to come up to speed,” Hoxie said.

“I’m amazed at all the things in progress and that have been put in progress just in the 10 months I have been gone,” Hoxie said. “Some of the partnerships, the grants, all the things that are happening for staff, faculty, and students. I hope to do my best and do a good job serving as interim to be that support and committed person.” 

To further expand on naming a few grants Hoxie said, “I am still learning a number of them. I have this list here of more information, you know I keep adding to it everyday. Some of these grants may have been started before I left, like Strengthening Institutions. We are still in our Title Three grant. I’m familiar with that but the state is coming forward with a number of things. I was familiar with Reconnect. I was involved in that when it started and that is still continuing and can have more opportunities for our students.”

With a steady decline in enrollment since the COVID-19 pandemic the ASA office wants to laser focus on this issue. “There are a variety of issues coming across my desk. But, most are going to be tied into our strategic plan.” Hoxie said. 

Hoxie came out of retirement for a reason saying, “this is a great institution, GRCC and this community (as) being the community’s college and I think that we are a leader and want to continue being a leader.” 

Before he left, Knetl oversaw a reorganization of the Academic and Student Affairs office staff.

“I was involved with it prior to my leaving and my understanding is that the reorganization has been implemented,” Hoxie said. “There still are some positions that are open that we are working on filling. I have been very impressed with the team that’s been put together as a result of that reorganization.” 

While the college is currently conducting a search to fill the Provost vacancy with a permanent replacement, Hoxie sounds excited to be back serving the GRCC community. 

“I feel good about being back,” she said. “I really, really appreciate how welcoming everyone has been to me in just the week and half I have been on campus. I think we draw our energy when we serve in these capacities. We draw our energy from the work and the partnerships and relationships that we have in these roles.” 

The effects of the pandemic were still quite apparent leading up to Hoxie’s retirement, so she’s said she’s enjoying seeing the campus looking a little more normal these days.

“ …To see students in that space there and walking around and being able to say hello to students… to see all that was very exciting for me,” Hoxie said.

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