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By “Cryptic” Josh Villaire
Collegiate Staff Writer

Many rabid rabbit devotees have been flooding back in steamy droves from Louie’s Trophy Room in K’Zoo, with wide eyes and fuzzy tails of a half naked vocalist dubbed “Nobunny”, who screams silly tunes like ‘Motorhead with Me’, and attacks a guitar from behind a rat eaten bunny mask.  This half crazed hare with leathery body odor graced the stage of the Pyramid Scheme on October 3rd, much to the delight of fanatic fans who had only heard reports of the floppy eared raunch rocker through such publications as Spin Magazine and/or word of mouth..


The Pyramid Scheme’s arena like showroom lent itself to a big breakthrough for Nobunny but unfortunately the show was poorly booked.  Fans of Goof-Rock were forced to snooze through Dynaflow, a sour Pixies rip-off with anger issues and complete with a roughneck Henry Rollins look-alike singer..


The opening band, The Bitters, made an odd but much more impressive statement with their sun-glassed new recruit replacing Jeff Baird on vox, who has withdrawn slightly into the bat country of the stage but still demands attention with his punishing licks. Every time Jeff would strike a chord, their jagged new Buzzcocks-esque diva

would crash up and down his pissing ground, sending off sparks of euphoria through the ruthless crowd!  Although The Bitters seemed misplaced on this bill with their

hard-core leanings, they still managed to pop a smile on my face and send a throb of readiness through everyone. I think that all who held on to this glimmer of white light provided by the Bitters boys, were able to endure the soul crushing Dynaflow set and cruise to the safe end of the tunnel in time to appreciate the worthy headliner, Nobunny,

who finally appeared on the stage in a hopping mad frenzy, minus his



This bad business bunny managed to instantly shatter the weariness of the held-hostage crowd, that had been arrogantly kidnapped by the Scheme for unknown means!  Heads began peeking out of the gloom like unscathed victims of a drive-by, and as Nobunny belted out “Nobunny Loves You” from his 2008 LP “Love Visions”, the crowd seemed to breath a collective sigh of relief. From every mouse hole and rat hive, the 50 or so die-hards who either waited outside in disgust or sulking through the contained onslaught, began spilling in from all angles, dropping all defenses, and raising a royal ruckus!


Loose women were hanging off of balconies, and bar stools were recklessly uprooted in an unholy riot of celebration as the seven year hare breezed through side splitting favorites, like “Mess Me Up” and “I am a Girlfriend”. For a moment I was struck dumb by the web-like spell that Nobunny cast over his initiates, snapping back into the sprawling action, I took note that Ryen “Eggs” had been switched to drum details as Dimitri “Turd” Manos was oddly absent in this role. The noise assault was still very satisfactory and unpredictable, as Nobunny went onto cover Michael Jackson, and made it sound rad no less! He also spooned up a funky, hick country tune before vanishing into a hat, and then popping back out for a cacophonous encore that was just screaming

to happen…


I haven’t seen people quiver and neck to something like this in quite some time, as Grand Rapids seems to have a couch sitting disease since we’re the furniture city; so it seemed appropriate that the costume clad bunny in whitey-tighties meet n’ greet his star struck, whacked-out crowd, and that he did.  Leaning in a lusty poise, he greeted us all with a wide and buck-toothed grin outside the double doors, chatted us up individually, generously throwing out autographs, erstwhile trolling for fuzz eared flange! By gum I think he even ducked out with a buxom blonde bunny fan who I had eyed earlier brooding by herself to Dynaflow’s bomber.

All was forgotten thanks to Nobunny, and our orgasms were all mutual, thank the gods that his space ship finally landed in GR.

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