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By Lizz Vensas
Collegiate Staff Writer

The Heritage, located at the corner Fountain and Ransom in the ATC building, is a fine dining experience provided by the culinary students at GRCC

Through the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education, GRCC provides a lab class where students learn to serve and prepare fine food. Under the supervision of chefs, students serve guests four days a week.

“The restaurant is lab class for our students,” said Robert Schultz, Dining Room Associate Professor. “We rotate every seven weeks. For five days we close to teach the incoming students how to properly serve guests and provide a basic understanding for those in the kitchen on how to prepare food.”

Shultz emphasized how much focus the students put on the food and presentation.

Lunchtime is a little more casual, entrees are anywhere from $8.50 to $9.25.

The menu usually includes chicken, beef, and fish. This semester they are also serving lamb. The dishes are sautéed, baked, poached, pan fried, or braised.

A coffee and teacart is also available with a wide variety of choices. The cart will come to your table and make the drink in front of you.

Desserts are a la carte, costing about 3.99.

Dinner is more formal, the entrees average in price from $22 to $25.

“It is a little bit more expensive at night, but we are basically providing you a four course meal,” said Schultz.

With dinner you can choose a soup, salad, or appetizer. They also serve bite size hors d’oeuvres that cleanse your pallet before the entree. You will also receive sorbet at the end of the meal.breads.

Call ahead for reservations at 616-234-3700.


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