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Editorial: Skateboarders can’t skate?


Bicycles? Sure. Scooters? Why not. Roller blades? Yup. Skateboards? Not a chance.

This is the mind-set GRCC and Grand Rapids has taken up when it comes to alternative modes of transportation around town.

In the article “Ticket to ride” on page 1, Police Chief Rebecca Whitman said that skateboarding isn’t allowed on campus because our campus falls in the area of Grand Rapids where skateboarding is prohibited.

Why skateboarding? The battle between reckless skateboarders and police has been going on since the birth of skateboarding. The perception is that skateboarders are reckless and that they cause damage to public property.

Although true to a point, this is a case where a few have ruined it for the rest. In an attempt to end the slalom style parking ramp sessions that go on around campus, GRCC has decided to disallow skateboarding all together.

While there is merit in not allowing skateboarders, GRCC and Grand Rapids must take it case by case.

Why should the skater who uses his board purely for transportation have to pick up his board because someone else five years ago grinded down a rail or waxed a curb?

As police continue to hand out warning after warning and ticket after ticket to innocent boarders, the boarders who skate through the parking ramps continue to walk away scott free.

Fair? Not a chance.

Police, feel free to give out tickets to the reckless and wild but not the commuter. Use your judgment and allow skateboarding as a mode of transportation on GRCC’s campus.



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