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The Outervibe competes in ArtPrize music competition


This year’s ArtPrize music competition will include two Grand Rapids Community College music professors, Lisa Kacos and Nick Hosford, both members of The Outer Vibe.

The Outer Vibe plays “alternative pop rock with trumpet,” said Kacos. The band is composed of five members: Kacos on trumpet, Nick Hosford on guitar, Sean Zee on vocals, Andrew Dornoff on bass and Jeff Brems on drums.

“We want to reach more people and gain new fans to share music with,” Kacos said. “It’s a cool way to be involved with our home town.”

All musicians participating in the competition that have CDs will be selling them at St. Cecilia Music Center. This includes The Outer Vibe, which is releasing a new CD that will be available for $10. ArtPrize is holding 49 performing bands at the music center. There will be music inside and outside, with all live performances outside.

Kacos believes in the talent coming out of Grand Rapids.

“The wide variety of talent Grand Rapids has is what makes ArtPrize so special,”  Kacos said. “People can relate to each other with a common interest, and music is a language everyone can appreciate.”

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