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Foreign language study sessions help students learn in groups and one-on-one


By Jared Teune

Grand Rapids Community College is currently holding Foreign Language Speaking Groups in room 505 of the Language Arts Lab on the fifth floor of Cook Hall.

Every language session is student led and can be reserved at any time depending on the purpose. German, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and French are what are provided at the Foreign Language session.

Photo by Jared Teune
Guilherme Sudbrack and Rylee Doran, attendees of the Chinese study group.

It’s a friendly environment that allows students to practice their language skills through conversation and academic studies. Sessions are offered in German, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and French.

“These sessions are a great way for language learners and speakers to improve their skills and get practice,” says Merrilee Benthin, the French and German tutor at GRCC.

There are two different language sessions. One is communication-oriented, and what goes on in that language session is for the students to decide. Typically four to eight students show up for each session and get assistance speaking a new language.

Students of all levels are welcome to participate in language meetings. One-on-one language sessions are also available.

For more information, contact Kellie Roblin, an instructor, at kroblin@grcc.edu

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