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Campus Activities Board hosts exam stress busters

Campus Activities Board will host its annual exam stress busters from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.on the 2nd floor of the Student Community Center on Dec. 3.
“We contacted the West Michigan Therapy Dogs, and we are going to have a part of the multipurpose room set up for dogs and puppies to come in for students to play with,” CAB’s President, Brandon Sinclair said.
Wingman from HotFM will also be there. Hot dogs and puppy chow will be provided, as well as at least twelve massage therapists.
“The reason why we have a stress buster is to give students a reason to relax before exams,” Sinclair said. “Students are going to be cramming (lots of) information, and if they have an opportunity that presents themselves to eat a meal for free when if they are having financial issues we want them to not worry about buying food.”
The event costs the group $8,000, but is free for students to attend.


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