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Handmade Holiday: DIY lip balm

Step 7.


By Kayla Tucker – Editor-in-Chief

As a college student, the thought of spending hundreds of dollars to buy gifts for all your family and friends can be daunting. For about $50, you can create a homemade and useful gift from the heart that pleases almost everyone in less than a couple hours.

DIY Vanilla Lip Balm is an easy and affordable way to give everyone you love a gift from the crafty heart.

What you’ll need:

1 Medium sized pot

1 ArtMinds Pouring Container ($16.99 at Michaels) or you can use a double boiler, or a pouring pot around the house.

4 teaspoons of Your Natural Planet Yellow Beeswax pellets ($11.79 for 1 lb on Amazon)

*Be sure to get 100 percent beeswax and 100 percent  natural oils – It’s going on your lips, so you don’t want any secret ingredients.*

4 teaspoons Nature’s Truth Almond Oil ($6.39 for a 4 fl. oz container on Amazon)

20 drops of Fabulous Frannie Pure Vanilla Essential Oil ($6.55 for a 10ml bottle on Amazon)

2 teaspoons Queen Helene 100% Cocoa Butter stick ($1.55 for a 1 oz stick at Family Dollar)

4 empty 5.5 ml lip balm tubes – ($11.99 for a pack of 50 on Amazon)

3 drops GreenHealth Tea Tree Oil ($4.79 for a 10ml bottle on Amazon) – OPTIONAL, it adds antibacterial protection to the skin

This batch is set to make 4 tubes of lip balm. Multiply portions as needed.

It’s hard to buy these ingredients in small quantities, so I bought these sizes so I can make more lip balm in the future.

Step 1

Fill 1/3 of the pot with water and place the pouring container inside the pot and warm the two on low to level 2 heat on the stove. Don’t let the water start to boil. If it does, turn down the heat.

Step 2

Pour 4 teaspoons of beeswax pellets into the pouring container. After about 15 minutes, the wax will begin to melt into an oil-based substance.

Step 3

Once the wax is completely clear and melted, add in 2 teaspoons of cocoa butter, 4 teaspoons of almond oil, and 1-3 drops of tea tree oil. The butter should melt in about a minute.

Step 4

When all the ingredients are dissolved, turn the heat off, keeping the pouring container in the heated water. Drop in 20 drops of vanilla essential oil. Set down a paper towel or old sheet to protect the counter where you prepare your ingredients and pour wax.

Step 5

Do not wait to pour the wax, as it will harden quickly. Have your containers, in this case empty tubes, ready before you put the essential oil in so that you’re not feeling panicked as the wax comes close to hardening. Pour the wax into the tube until it’s above the top of the twist piece. Pour slowly, because you don’t want to wax to overflow onto the counter.

Step 6

Let the wax harden inside the tubes for at least 20 minutes before using. Any leftover wax should be poured into a jar or disposable container, because it will clog your pipes if poured down the drain.

Step 7

Decorate the tubes and give your lip balm to someone you care about, or use it yourself. It’s recommended to use the lip balm within a year or two of making it so that it stays fresh.