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The Collegiate Podcast Episode 8: Provost Chesley, Lainey Morse, Alec Lockwood and more

Provost Chesley. Courtesy photo. / Lainey Morse and her special needs goat Dempsey. (Photo courtesy of Lainey Morse) / GRCC Baseball player Alec Lockwood, Courtesy photo. (Photo montage edited by Mike Staley/The Collegiate)

On this episode, Tatiana is breaking down the biggest news happening on the Grand Rapids Community College campus. She’ll get into GRCC’s Provost Laurie Chesley stepping down from her post to take a new position as president of Central Oregon Community College, the Board of Trustees approval of the renaming of GRCC’s Main Building to the Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall as well as the Board’s upcoming decision to raise tuition by nearly 1 percent.

On the national front, Jack is discussing the continuing story of the college recruitment scandal involving celebrities Laurie Loughlin and Felicity Huffman. He’ll also give the latest updates on the shooting in a New Zealand mosque that claimed the lives of 50 victims.

Mike had the opportunity to talk with his aunt-in-law Lainey Morse, the founder of Goat Yoga. She’ll explain how the now world famous business got its start and discuss why Goat Yoga is so important to her. She also talks about the importance of mental health and how she wants to use her platform to bring more awareness to health and well-being.

Aaron, Matthew and Mike sit down with GRCC baseball left fielder Alec Lockwood. He and the team just got back from a spring trip to Florida and he’ll talk about the experience he gained from getting to play against some of the top teams in country as well as his deep, family ties to GRCC.